I want to breastfeed!!

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When my daughter was born she had some issues with latching on. It was a struggle those first 3 days in the hospital. When we arrived home, she was doing a lot better. Some days were better than others. I started bottle feeding her because she wasn't latching on and she was getting very frustrated with the whole process. I began supplementing for the breastmilk she wasn't getting. She's now three months and won't even look at my boobs (LOL, but true story). I think my breasts are drying up and buying formula is killing my pockets!! Please help me so I can continue to bond with my firstborn!!


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you CAN get your supply back fully. it only takes about a week. you're not going completely empty. the average length of time it takes to dry out is 1 year (12 months).

until your little one is taking the breast full time, you will need to pump. and you will need to get rid of the bottles. no bottles. you can use an open cup (like a medicine sized one) or a syringe, and preferably feed her breast milk so she is used to the taste.

if she is not liking the taste of breastmilk, you may have to mix it in with the formula and then slowly wean her off the formula until it's all breast milk. but remember...no bottles!!

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the best thing you can do is continually and persistently offer the breast, and seek help from your local LC or breastfeeding clinic. good luck, i wish you all the best!

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That's such a difficult situation, Genell (what a lovely name!)

Many mums who don't breastfeed their babies continue the bond with their babies by using the following techniques:
Make sure you cuddle close to feeds. Don't be tempted to try and get the baby to hold her bottle.
Lots of chatting and singing.
Use a sling.
Most mums instinctively do these things, there's nothing new about it.

But you can definitely re-establish breastfeeding. This is a page from kellymon:
These are suggestions that are often used by mums who want to breastfeed their adopted babies. The links are extremely useful, and include discussion on such issues as nursing supplementers and galactagogues.

And this is a video on attachment which you might find useful:

Gennell, these are really, really useful websites. I hope you'll read the information kellymom has to offer. I've included the video on attachment because you said your little one had attachment problems, and attachment is important if you want to re-lactate!

All the best!

But it definitely is possible to re-introduce breastfeeding, if that is the way you want to go.

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I feel for you, that must be very hard. I don't know if your supply can recover fully, but you should definitely contact a breastfeeding professional - La Leche League is FREE breastfeeding support, look up your local group leader here:

You can call them and they'll give you one-on-one advice. Good luck!


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Elanor - posted on 11/29/2010




I agree get your self a breastfeeding supporter. where are you- perhaps I can help find you one.

Genell - posted on 06/09/2010




Thanks ladies for all of encouraging words and suggestions. I recently purchased some fenugreek herbal tablets from GNC. I'm for the "ok" from my doctor and I'm on my way!!! Thanks again.

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I am just wanting to wish you all the best I hope you can get your little one to bf.

Theresa - posted on 06/05/2010




Try pumping. Even if you have to buy a pump it'll be cheaper in the long run than formula.

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