I want to breastfeed again after two months of formula feeding, is this possible?

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My daughter is now three months old. We breastfed for only four weeks. She lost a lot of weight and the midwives had me supplementing, which we did on and off for the four weeks. I never felt any difference in my breasts, hard or heavy or anything. I rarely saw milk on my daughters mouth or on my own breast, basically all the "signs" they tell you to look for we never had. After being frustrated for so long and never having enough milk to satisfy her I gave up. She has been formula fed for two months now but I really want to breastfeed again. Is this possible after not breastfeeding for so long? I am going back to work part time and am worried that even if it was possible it wouldn't be with me working. I really regret giving up and want that connection back. Any advise would help. Thank you


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I was still lactating for months after I stopped feeding my son...I'd say look into it for sure.

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Relactation is possible with most women. Its' even possible to begin lactation without giving birth. Adoptive moms can induce lactation and then breastfeed their baby. It does however take a lot of time, energy, and work. I'm not trying to talk you out of it... just trying to prepare you.

Check out Kelly Mom's info on relactation.


If your baby will latch on, you may want to consider using a SNS. It's basically a tiny tube you attach very near to your nipple that's hooked up to a bottle of formula. Baby breastfeeds, your breasts get the stimulation they need to start producing, and baby gets the food she needs.

If your baby will not latch on, while you work on getting baby to latch on, you'll need to start pumping.

There are herbal supplements you can use such as fenugreek to stimulate milk production.

But most importantly, I would suggest you find an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) to help you.

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Any idea if you're still lactating?
From your post I get the impression that you never started lactating?
If that is true you would need to induce lactation, you can find lots of info online, from what i would it would start with a) seeing if your daughter can latch and b) letting her try to nurse without frustrating her for as long as possible and also pumping and taking natural supplements!
I am not and expert! I would consult a lactation consultant! :)


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Yes... It's possible - Google the "Newman protocol for induced lactation" and I would call Jack Newman's clinic directly.

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