I want to start nursing again, can you help?

Katherine - posted on 10/27/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




I nursed my son for the first 6-8 weeks, it was hard, but we battled through and were just getting comfy when I had my IUD put in and my milk seemed to dry up. my son was nursing 24/7 after getting my iud put in.

He is now just 7 months old and I've been thinking alot about starting to nurse him again, is this possible?

Has anyone done this before?

Any resources, suggestions and help would be great


Laura - posted on 10/29/2011




Definintely contact a La Leche League leader in your area. They can be the most help. I know that I have heard stories of many women who restart nursing after a break...even adoptive mothers who stimulate lactation. It is possible. Good luck and be patient and forgiving with yourself.


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Also, I would look in a supplemental nursing system. It's a tube that you tape to your breast. The tube is connected to a bottle of supplement (breast milk or formula). You could use this to help stimulate your breast to make milk by latching baby on and at the same time he's still getting formula until you can get your supply to re-establish.

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I haven't done it myself, but I do know that moms do relactate. Check out this link:

I would also try to get in touch with a lactation consultant (look for an IBCLC). Check your local hospital or contact your closest La Leche League leader for help. I hope it works out for you!!

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