I was wondering what do you think? "A case against breastfeeding"


Merry - posted on 10/25/2010




""""Breastfeeding is hard and not for everyone,"""

I would only argue that breastfeeding is 'for' every baby. Unless galactosemic. But even those babies I bet would be comforted by access to a breast for a soother.

Maybe some moms don't think breastfeeding 'fits' into their life, but I can't believe there exists a baby who isn't 'for' breastfeeding!

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I've read it. I think that every woman has a right to choose how she feeds her baby. Women need to be presented the facts about BF and formula. Breast milk is best, but there are situations where a mom may choose to formula feed for personal reasons and that's fine. However, it bothers me when moms (like this lady) perpetuate myths like breast milk and formula are the same, etc, etc. I respect any woman's choice to formula feed, but articles like this only make moms continue the breast vs. formula battle, which is a pointless one.

Merry - posted on 10/24/2010




Yup I read it and a bunch of comments beneath it. I was like a driver who had to slow down to see the bloody car crash just to gawk at it.
Road kill, that sounds about right.
Feminism isn't about being superior to men it's about having the same opportunities as men. But we aren't the same so how can we expect to be treated the same. I mean physically we have less muscle mass, less strength on average, but we can conceive, grow, birth, and feed new humans! I'd say we are already superior in that way, I stopped trying to be like a man when I realized first off I never can be, and secondly why would I want to? I love being female now and the best part of being female is pregnancy birth and breastfeeding! That's our crown of glory so to speak. So this lady is mad about something, what I can't say, because she's taking at all out on the wrong cause.

Bottom line, anything humans invent will never be as good as something god created.

And if you don't believe in god right now then can we say something natural?

Oh and the whole thing about breastfeeding tyingnyou down or holding you back I don't see how that is, I mean if you are feeding bottles you are still having to feed your baby every few hours a day, unless of course you are leaving baby at grandmas, babysitters, with dad, at daycare, etc for a long time. But then it's not the breastfeeding missing as much as your time with baby. I think moms should be with babies and unless money dictates mom needing a job I would think any mom would prefer being with her baby. Right?

[deleted account]

Like Jodi I just managed to force myself through the first page and then decided that it's not worth my time. I'd love to live in her neighborhood! I live in Ireland and breastfeeding rates here are the lowest in Europe! I hardly know anyone breastfeeding at all and have no one around me feeding a 14 months old like I do. In fairness, don't you find those busy-body moms who brag about how super they are in every respect everywhere? I just wouldn't be friends with people like that, rather than waisting my time writing some long article that might just lower breastfeeding rates even more, just because I have issues with some women on the playground and am struggling combining career and motherhood. I agree that the whole Attachment Parenting Ideology (as much as I might follow it) can at times glorify breastfeeding a little (your toddler will never have a tantrum, that kind of thing), but surely that's no reason to abuse your power as a journalist and trash breastfeeding so publicly and widely when in reality there are so many women out there struggling with it - yet enjoying it and wanting to keep it up. Her whole article has nothing to do with science but is purely personal. I also wouldn't consider the recommendations of WHO, AAP etc. as popular literatur. Am kind of depressed now...


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Ramona - posted on 03/16/2011




I agree with you all, but I will say that it did open my eyes more to understand that breastfeeding is not for every baby. There ARE reasons why some women give up that are perfectly valid reasons. Maybe she is trying to get her supply up and cannot and her PPD is out of control as a result. The baby needs it's mother, not a zombie, and if it's more stress than enjoyable, then maybe it's a good idea to go to formula. Maybe the next baby will be enjoyable to breastfeed. A friend of mine nursed successfully with the colostrum then when her milk came in it just dried up. She was SO depressed over it that caring for her newborn was dificult. She then decided to just plan to nurse for the colostrum then switch to formula for her next baby. For her, it was important that she be available to her two young babies. At least they got the most important stuff!

I am weaning sooner than I planned to at 8 1/2 months because I am drained. I am single, a full time student, and I am exhausted. She may not be all the way weaned until 15 months and that's okay, but I am tired. She needs to start sleeping through the night and I need to stop putting so much energy towards lactating because I need more energy! I wanted to go until two years old at least, but it has come down to, I haven't had a full night's sleep in 8 1/2 months and I am running on empty. A mother who wants to play with her baby rather than sleep, in my mind, is much more important than one who is still nursing, especially since she has already had plenty of the good stuff.

I truly hope that next time I have a child, it will be with a partner who I can rely on for help, one that will make it possible for me to nurse longer- 2, maybe 3 years. One that will get up with the baby at night when she is just looking for comfort. As soon as she smells my milk, she is wanting to snack. It would be SO much easier if someone were there to comfort her and put her back to bed. Not all of the time, just sometimes. I understand why a lot of single moms quit. I stuck with it so far, because I 100% enjoy it. My daughter enjoys it. It's just gotten to a point where it is too much for me.

[deleted account]

Also, nowhere does it say that breastfeeding is easy. It's a sacrifice that mothers take upon themselves (myself) to make sure that we are doing everything possible to keep our children healthy.

Elissa - posted on 10/26/2010




Every premise she makes is faulty. Firstly, men controlling women is why so many women formula feed nowadays - it was brought in so male doctors could regulate and quantify and control what women were feeding their babies. There are even guidelines about when and how much a baby should get, instead of whenever and however much they want. Feminism and male control have both supported this - men wanted 'involved' in feeding because they can't do it. Feminists wanted to reduce they responsibility for their kids (some of them), so exchanged something free, handy, always available and perfectly designed for something expensive, unnecessary (for 98% of women), time-consuming and limiting but that they could shove onto daddy.

Another false premise is that a small benefit isn't important. It is very important for those women whose sisters/friends/cousins have healthy b/fed babies while they are always at hospital for asthma, allergies etc. It may not be a huge statistical difference, but every number is a child suffering something that was completely preventable.

Finally, I wouldn't put that amount of dodgy man-made chemicals (given they don't know what half of them really do) into my own food - why on earth would I accept it for my baby if I had an option.

The sooner the risks of formula are acknowledged rather than the 'benefits' of breastfeeding, and the sooner it is acknowledged that it is a last resort, the sooner women who actually HAVE to formula feed can feel better about themselves instead of being equated with people who have absurd agendas or just want to get drunk at the weekend, while professing it to be a 'choice'.

April - posted on 10/26/2010




Breathing is hard for some people, but they still do it. There are lots of things that are hard, but most people find a way to get a handle on it. I never judge any women, but I do find it very disappointing when some women don't even try. The bottom line is that it's their life and their choice!

Heather - posted on 10/25/2010




I don't much care about the article. Whether it is all true or not, it hasn't affected my decision to breastfeed, although it does make some good points about bfing your first vs your third. Bottom line, everyone needs to do what is right for their family. I know someone who had to return to work only a few weeks after she had her child. If I had to go back right away I never would have had enough time to establish a good milk supply, and my daughter would have had some formula. Breastfeeding is hard and not for everyone, and not one bit of literature, or the class I took, or anyone I talked to really could have made me understand how darn painful it was. Formula has saved the lives of many babies, and we should all be thankful for it's existence. An article like this is just a blip, something to ignore if you choose, because it has little bearing on whether most women bf or not.

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Like Sara, I'm getting pretty tired of people who continually stir the pot about feeding our babies, making what should be a personal choice into a war zone. Must admit I couldn't make it through the entire article - same old, same old... And I'm a bit worried about the lady's knowledge of science..

Natasha - posted on 10/23/2010




What a load of crap! There are countless facts showing the risks of formula feeding and the benefits of breastfeeding. Whoever wrote this was misinformed, or just feeling guilty. I have never stopped being someone's friend who didn't breastfeed, but I also know the facts about it. Breast isn't "best", it's the normal, as nature intended, way to feed your child. And on a further note, You'll never have to worry about recalled breasts because of a beetle contamination.....

April - posted on 10/23/2010




she wrote this as a catharsis...she feels guilty that she doesn't enjoy breastfeeding and really wants to quit, but at the same time she doesn't.

she also resents her husband for not having breasts with milk in them. she feels powerless (and apparently bored) when she's nursing.

Jodi - posted on 10/23/2010




Ok, I don't have time to read 3 pages of her *crap*. I read the first page and got enough impression...not everyone is all about breastfeeding, that's fine. Obviously this lady has a bias and was looking for a way out of breastfeeding (and her own personal feelings about the issue should have been enough). Let's just pretend that there are no *proven* benefits to breastfeeding, I saw nowhere that formula is ever better than breastmilk, until breastmilk is proven dangerous or unhealthy by science and formula is infanitely better and has all of the living antibodies that mother passes to baby and it naturally changes on an hourly, daily and monthly basis to suit babies specific, immediate needs (like breastmilk does), *then* I will consider formula.

I think it's great this woman did her research,a nd maybe she's right, maybe the studies are "inconsistent", but formula has never been proven to offer more or be better than breastmilk in any case other than no breastmilk whatsoever, that alone is enough to make me choose breastmilk, but that's my personal, parental choice.

This lady obviously does not enjoy breastfeeding, is biased about it now (and we all are) and probably offers great insight to any woman who *doesn't* enjoy breastfeeding, but it's a little presumptuous to assume we all feel antagonistic and trapped from breastfeeding just because she felt coerced or pressured into it.

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