If you have bf during pregnancy

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Did you get contractions with bf?
I've read it's pretty standard that if you bf while pregnant you will have some contractions.
Not like labor, but like Braxton hicks.
When I was pregnant with Eric I didn't have any Braxton hicks, my first contractions came when I was in labor.
Sooo, I haven't had any contractions while bf.
But I have had a contraction just after orgasm :-)
So I'm wondering, did you have any contractions while bf?
Or after orgasm?
I'm 20weeks along now and I am thinking I might have some later on in the pregnancy, but hoping not to!
My dr is weird about me bf while pregnant and she said I WILL have contractions and she thinks I will have early labor too.
I'm not worried about early labor at all yet, but if I do start getting Braxton hicks while bf I might start worrying.

Experience? Advise?


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Minnie - posted on 12/13/2010




I had a lot of BH contractions with both of my pregnancies starting around 16 weeks. And I sort of self-induced my labor with nipple stimulation with my second.

What doctors need to understand is that the uterus only becomes sensitive enough to oxytocin to begin thinning the cervix at about 37 weeks. Sure, you might get some BH all throughout pregnancy due to breastfeeding and after sex but they're not likely to actually begin labor until your uterus is ready (unless you have an irritable uterus).

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Oh, he also made it a point to say that your uterus doesn't respond (as in it won't go into labor) to the hormones released during BF unless it's ready to go into labor. So unless you are not allowed to have sex, are on bed rest, etc. because you are at risk for pre-term labor then BF should be fine. If you have a normal, healthy pregnancy then try not to stress too much :)

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I had a ton of Braxton Hicks with my first pregnancy. They started in the third trimester. Trust me, you will know the difference since you've already experienced real contractions. Braxton Hicks to me just felt like my tummy was tightening then after a while they went away. Staying hydrated helps and if you feel you're having lots then sit down and put your feet up. My doctor is 100% supportive of me nursing through this pregnancy. He said I may get crampy or have BH contractions while BF the further along I get, but he emphasized that that's normal and OK! Another note, everyone has practice contractions (BH) during their pregnancy. Many first time moms don't feel them (although I did). It is normal to feel them or feel like you're feeling more during the next pregnancy. I didn't really like my doctor during my first pregnancy so I was fully prepared to look for a new one if I felt the least bit uncomfortable with this one, but so far I love him!

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