im dry... OH NO

Shyla - posted on 10/21/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




i have faught my son to breast feed since we were at the hospital hewasnt getting enough because he was premie n he lost almost a whole pound before we left the hospital. they also forced me to give him a bottle not only to help him gain weight but his sugar was to low at that point we new was latching well. i have one introverted nipple and it is difficult for my kids to latch. i tried the sheild i wore shells i tried everyting nothing worked they wouldnt latch long enough to get the milk they needed. the other nipple was fine but my breast did not produce much on that side. i pumped every 3 hours got to where i could get almost 2 oz on the inverted nipple and i continued to try and feed on the other . my son was still loosing weight the lactation consultant said i am a LC i know this will sound odd but give him formula first to make sure he is not getting to tired, from fighting u at the breast {where he is burning more calories than he is bringing in } that he wont eat the formula he needs to gain. he still would not gain weight. so they told me just do not worry about breast feeding just pump both breast and feed him some in a bottle. he wasnt stimulating me anymore so my body started to slack on production i tried nuts oatmeal lactation cookies fenugreek alphalfa garlic drank over a gallon and a half of water a day. still no improvement was not longer stimulated. pumping started to become more painful. the doctor said at this point forget breast milk at the time being we need to put him on similac neosure for premeture babies. he was on that for 4 weeks and gained alot of weight now he is on gerber soothe. now that he is a good weight to try and learn to breast feed i want to but i have completey dried up. i bought an sms and a friend of mine sai she would donate me some breast milk to make him interested inm learning i have size GG breast and its hard to hold mt breast n the sms n fight him to latch n with a toddler into stuff i do not have much time to put aside for this that is required it seems... i need tips...ideas... help if i invested in a nursing bra n a nursing pillow maybe but i not only need the sms but the sheid on my inverted nipple will this agrivate my son more? me please

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