Implanon and milk supply

Jessica - posted on 11/17/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hey ladies! My son is a breastfed 10 week old. I got the Implanon put in about two weeks ago and woke up bleeding this morning. I haven't had any bleeding while breastfeeding. I was under the assumption that I wouldn't have this problem until I stopped nursing. I'm not so much concerned about the bleeding however, I'm afraid that it will affect my milk supply even though it's not supposed to. I called my ob/gyn and they told me to increase my fluids and pump/nurse more frequently which has me a little concerned. Has anyone had this problem?


Lori - posted on 11/18/2012




I don't have the Implanon, but I did get the Mirena IUD when my daughter was 4 months old. (Both types of BC are progesterone type Birth Control) I bled for 2 months straight after getting it in. Ticked me off to no end to have to deal with that. I didn't actually get my period back until my baby was 14 months old, but I did have spotting on and off from when I got the IUD until the time I got my cycles back.

I don't think the Implanon will affect your milk supply. It does not contain estrogen which is the biggie that you want to avoid when breastfeeding. However since it does contain a hormone, anything is possible.

As for not dealing with "this problem until I stopped nursing". It is true that nursing can delay the onset of your period, but some nursing moms get their periods back 6 weeks after birth, others not for 2 years. I got mine back at 13 months with my first (no BC used), and 14 months as I stated earlier with my 2nd. I was still breastfeeding both times when it returned.

As for concerns about your supply. Keep a close eye on your babies diaper count. If you're getting 4 - 6 sopping wet diapers each day, then your supply is good. For more info on your supply check out this post.

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