in pain from thrush is there anything i can do to ease it

Jennifer - posted on 09/25/2010 ( no moms have responded yet )




ok i think the title says it all i have nursed all 3 of my older children and am now nursing a newborn who has a relly bad case of thrush he as of course shared it with me and as anyone who's ever had to deal with thrush knows IT HURTS! we are both being treated for it by the dr but i was wondering if there is anything i can do or take to help relieve the pain i jsut wanna cry everytime he starts nursing and he isn't eating s well either i have never had to deal with thrush this bad before only my oldest child had it and it was very mild never hurt this bad so i really don't know that much when it comes to relieveing the pain if there is even anything i can do i am also still dealing with oversupply so when he dosn't nurse normally it dosn't take much before i get engorged which only adds to my discomfort if you have any ideas please let me know thanks

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