increasing breast milk supply.

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my friend just had a baby and she says he always seems so hungry and she's afraid that she's not producing enough breast milk for him. she has no access to the internet so I told her I would do some research on here. I did tell her to eat lots of oatmeal and juice diluted with water so i hope that helps. please let me know! she's only 18 and this is her first child. thanks ladies!


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Breastfeeding mom and drinking Healthy Nursing Tea by secrets of tea with good result....It best for all breastfeeding mom I think because its natural tea and caffeine free.

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Just following on - all the fenugreek, oatmeal etc in the world will not help if you don't feed frequently!

Many newborn babies are fussy and wakeful. That doesn't mean they are hungry, it just means they are - well- fussy and wakeful!

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Definitely she should contact La Leche League - you can find the local contact information at Then you can give her the number, or even call and get some info for her! The support is FREE, even one-on-one with the local "group leaders" and the support groups usually meet at least monthly and provide expert support as well as mommy friends :)

Very VERY few women do not make enough milk - as other's said, it's supply and demand - and SOOOO many mom's think they don't have enough when it is just not the case. When my baby was fussy, people used to tell me I didn't have enough milk, but my baby was 22 pounds at 6 months old, so I was SURE by that point he was getting PLENTY!!! Other people FINALLY agreed! Like other's said, you can reassure her that if the baby is peeing 6-8 times a day that there it is getting plenty! Also, she should have pediatric checkups every few months, and they will check her growth - if he's growing well, then he is getting enough - simple as that :) It's easy to worry as a new mom, but breastmilk IS the very best, so she should keep doing it often and her supply will regulate to match what baby needs :)

Besides oatmeal and lots of water, as much SLEEP as possible also helps with supply :) My newborn wanted to eat constantly (literally) and would cry as soon as he was done, so I found I had to make him wait at least an hour between feedings just so my body had time to recover the ability to produce enough milk again.

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THe heallth food stores carry some teas and supplements that should help and Fenugreek from gnc works as well . take it through out the day . her milk supply should increase in a couple of days. lots of fluids and nurse the baby lots. sometimes lactose intolerance is confused with being hungry. she want to talk have her e-mail me her number and i would love to talk with her. I am a labor coach .my e-mail is Good Luck

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Hi Michele, what a great friend you are!

The main thing to remember with breastfeeding is that it is a supply and demand system. The more the baby sucks, the more milk the breasts make. As your friend's baby is a newborn he will want to feed often. Remember, his stomach is only about the size of a marble at this stage! So he'll be wanting to feed often. This doesn't mean he's hungry - it means he's a newborn baby! To tell if he's getting enough milk, count his nappies - if he's having 6-8 wet nappies per day, and a couple of pooey ones, he's fine.

Here's a video of the cerrect latching processw. You said your friend doesn't have internet access, so perhaps you could look at this and explain it to her:

I would strongly suggest that your friend join a breastfeeding support group, such as La Leche League.

Congratulations on being such a great, supportive friend!

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