Amanda - posted on 12/01/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




soooo i have been wanting a new tatto really bad but i found out i was pregnant.. well my lil girl is just shy of 6 months old... and am considering my new ink... altho i am still nursing... i have read it will not affect the milk by any means and the only concern is infection/desease..... i wuold never go to a shitty place tho so i dnt think i owuld have to wrry about that but i was lookin for other opinions :)


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Jennifer - posted on 12/01/2010




some places won't tattoo you at all while breastfeeding. the risks are pretty much exactly the same as getting tattooed while pregnant...the ink itself will not harm your baby, whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding (the ink molecules are too large to pass in to your breastmilk) but an infection could. the other concern is that the tattoo and healing process puts extra stress on your body and your milk production may slow down a bit while you heal.

i know my tattoo artist, and i know what to look for as far as sterilization goes (its so much more than just clean needles), so i don't worry too much about the infection risk in that respect. what people don't remember is that a tattoo is an open wound. you could have the most careful tattoo artist in the world, but an infection can still find its way in during the healing process because you cannot, and should not keep a tattoo bandaged.

i decided to wait. breastfeeding was/is absolutely more important than my tattoo addiction and i'm hoping all this waiting will make getting my next tattoo all that much more of a reward :) i guess if you are confident in your artist, confident in your ability to take care of it properly, and confident in your body's ability to handle milk production as well as healing then go for it.

Catherine - posted on 12/01/2010




If it were me, I would just wait until I was done nursing. Things can go wrong in even the most reputable places, and worst case and highly unlikely scenario, HIV will pass to your little girl through your breast milk. I guess in my opinion, waiting a few more months is worth avoiding any serious risks.

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