introducing jar food

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My 3month old will be eating jar food in another month. How often am I gonna be nursing her when she is getting those foods as well???


Celena - posted on 01/15/2010




Whenever you start feeding your baby solids I would recommend making it yourself as well- it's really not hard- and it's much cheaper than buying tons of little jars and then feeling bad for throwing them away or having to find something to do with them all. I save and wash all my glass jars, they work great for storing small quantities and they don't cost me anything extra! :)

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I'd wait if I were you. Here's a good link I suggest you have a look at...

As for nursing frequency after starting solids, continue to feed on demand. It likely won't change. In fact, it starting solids shouldn't change your baby's breastfeeding habits. And if it does, then you need to cut back on solids. Breast milk should be the primary source of nutrition within the first year. There's a saying that goes, "food for fun until they're one".

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Why will you be giving her jar food in a month? It's recommended now that babies are given solids as close to 6 months as possible, early weaning can cause problems for her in the future.
You should always, always breastfeed your daughter on demand. Solids will NOT replace breastfeeding and will not be a source of nutrition until she is 12 months old.

Rebecca - posted on 01/05/2010




Why are you planning to introduce food in one month? Did your doctor tell you to do that? S/he must not be aware of the latest recommendations. All the major health organizations now recommend exclusive breastfeeding -- no water, juice, artificial milk, or solid foods -- until at least 6 months of age. This is an update to the old recommendation of 4 months, because research has shown that introducing solid foods too early increases the risk of many health problems and leads to earlier weaning. Please consider waiting until at least 6 months and then watch your baby for signs of readiness to begin solids.

A great way to approach solid feeding is called Baby Led Weaning, where you let your baby begin self-feeding when she is ready. You basically don't have to worry about buying or even making most of her food, just feed her little bits of whatever healthy food you're eating (without all the seasonings, and cooked very soft). There's a lot of good information online about Baby Led Weaning.

To answer you question, my son continued nursing 8 times a day after we began introducing solid foods at 6 months. Around that time he started sleeping longer at night, so it dropped to 7 times a day (sometimes with an extra short nursing or two if he was thirsty or needed comfort -- we have a routine but I don't ignore his cues). It should be a very gradual introduction, with solid food 1x per day at 6 months, 2x per day at 7 months, and 3x per day at 8 months. Breastmilk should be your baby's primary source of nutrition through the first year, with the goal being 25% of her nutrition from solid food at 1 year of age. Pushing too much solid food too soon is bad for her health and will lead to early weaning.


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We started with spuratic feedings of cereal when my munchkin was just over 4 months, she had shown an intrest in our food so we would try it out. Now it is part of her routine and she will be 6 months this week. She gets veggies for lunch and cereal for dinner. She still breastfeeds on demand when I am home and gets formula when I'm working. She took to foood really well and pulls at the spoon and gets impatient if you don't feed her fast enough, she even holds the spoon and pretends to feed herself after we are done feeding her. The first couple of times we gave her cereal she was not impressed so we didn't push it but now she is like clockwork between 6-7 pm she wants it then jammies then her "booba" then bed. You and your doctor need to decide when it is time to give your munchkin food, but you also have to see how they take to it. At 5 months (when she had her 4 moth checkup) the NP said go for it. The food chart the doctors office gave us actually has her eating a whole lot more than she is. We have done the canned stuff but I have friends who have made their own. I will say that the canned options are a lot more limiting and we may look into making our own just to introduce our munchkin to more variety! At any rate good luck!

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I agree with the other mothers about waiting to give solids to your baby. At only 4 months old she needs nothing but mommy's milk! Wait until she can sit by herself and is trying to grab your food when you are eating. Then you know she is interested. Also, no need for jar baby food. La Leche recommends that the first foods be sweet potato, avocado, banana. They can be foods you are eating just mash it up good and let her feed herself! She will still want to nurse often, nurse her first, then offer food.

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Hey Rebecca, thanks for mentioning that!:) I was going to but I'm just so tired of suggesting things to people that they really may not give a rats ass about. Maybe she will consider it which would be awesome but I decided to just give her the info she needed to hear most. I guess I'm starting to feel a little burnt out and jaded from these boards haha.

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One thing no one else mentioned -- no need to buy jar food! You don't buy all your food in little single-serve jars, right? Just make a little extra of whatever veggies you are eating, make sure it's plain and cook it very soft, and puree it for baby. Or wait a little loner and just give baby finger foods!

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you still nurse just as often most babies eat the jar food and still nurse a few minutes later. my son is 7mo and eats three jars of food at his lunch and supper and still nurses 10min later.

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