Introducing rice cereal with jar baby food?

Karen - posted on 03/25/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter, Avarielle, will be 4 months on March 27th. She has been exclusively breast fed......I just started her on rice cereal about 3 weeks ago as it seemed like she was either going through a growth spurt or just wanted a little more than just breast milk. Which ever it was she is content with it. Yesterday, I was eating a bagel and strawberry cream cheese......well, I put a little bit of the cream cheese on my finger and fed it to Avarielle. I know, I know......cream cheese is hardly the right thing to introduce to her, but she Loved IT! She wanted More! So it got my husband and I thinking about introducing the jar baby food to her and so we picked up a few jars today.

I know normally you can just feed your baby straight from the jar, but since Avarielle prefers her cereal a little thicker I thought about adding the jar food to her cereal and feeding her that way. I only give Avarielle rice cereal as her dinner, then I breastfeed and she usually goes down for the night...

I'm just curious if anyone else does this yet....the jar food (or mashed if you do it yourself!) and do you just feed it to your baby by its self or like I'm thinking about doing it - in the rice cereal.

P.S. Her rice cereal is ALWAYS fed by spoon-she doesn't take a bottle anyways....not that I would put cereal in a bottle anyways....I really enjoy our feeding times and Avarielle does too.


Melanie - posted on 03/25/2009




I always mix food (fruit/veggies) with cereal. My baby didn't eat food until much older though...around 6 mo. Check out for time lines for feeding, food combinations, ideas, etc. It's a great resource, even if you don't make your baby food.

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I totally agree with Jessica, you know your baby best. Through talking to LOTS of friends who have kids, I have found women who've started their babies on "real" food anywhere from 3 months to over a year!!! :) There are probably going to be people post here who say you're "supposed" to wait until 6 months for solid foods, but I think that if your baby is ready, which yours seems to be, then give her what she likes and what you think is good for her. My son started cereal (also on a spoon) at about 5 months and then I moved into pureed veggies (I make my own baby food) at about 5 1/2 months and then pureed fruits at about 6 months. I wanted him to eat the veggies first so he didn't only prefer sweets. Then at about 7 months we introduced cottage cheese, yogurt, cream cheese, mozarella cheese. He eats just about everything. We introduced meats at 9 months, but he still doesn't like them very much.

If our next baby shows signs of interest in food and extra hunger early, I will give them food as soon as they want it. I think my son wanted solid foods sooner than we gave them to him (he's a HUGE eater AND still nurses about 6 times a day and he's almost a year!) but I kept trying to wait for that 6 month mark. But then like I said I know another baby who is 13 months and just now starting solids. So do what you think is best! You're a good mommy!!!! :D


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Karen - posted on 03/25/2009




That totally makes sense about introducing the vegis before the fruit....I hadn't even thought about which to introduce first.  Tonight I fed Avarielle the butternut squash mixed in with her rice cereal.  At first only giving her half the jar......She Loved it and wanted more....she ate almost the whole jar!.....

I usually breastfeed after she gets done with her know a little something to wash it all down.....while I was putting everything away, getting the bowl rinsed off I put her in her swing.......My little angel is asleep!.....before I could even breastfeed......for how long idk????

She doesn't nap a lot during the day so between that and eating she is all tuckered out!LOL

Jessica - posted on 03/25/2009




When I started Emma on cereal I did the exact same thing as you...well, not the cream cheese part. :)  She was a little more than 4 months and seemed too hungry.  I still (she's 6 months now) mix fruits or veggies with her cereal.  That was how I introduced all the new flavours, by putting them in with the texture she was already familiar with.  It worked out great for us.  Like everyone else says all over these boards - you know your baby best! :)

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