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My 10 month old baby girl was diagnosed with Iron deficient anemia and the doctor suggested to supplemement with iron drops, 30mg twice a day (60mg per day). She is eating some solids and breastfeeds. I feel that 60mg of iron per day is too much. We are trying to give her iron-rich foods but she started refusing her breakfast (iron-fortified oatmeal), so we give her solids only for lunch and dinner. Are there any mothers with similar situation? Would it be OK to give her just 15mg per day (100% RDV)?


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How about whole foods that are high in iron? Meats that she can suck on, egg yolks? Liver?

Baby cereal isn't the greatest thing to give to a baby. It's pretty nutritionally deficient and babies don't have sufficient amylase to digest grains until after 12 months, some closer to two years. It's not adequately prepared, either, making it difficult for our bodies to absorb what little nutrients there are in it. The iron in the cereal can even contribute to iron-deficiency anemia- it's not readily bioavailable like the iron in your milk or whole, non-grain foods.

Trying the lowest dose of the supplement is a good start, as too-high doses can cause digestive issues and also lead to iron-deficiency anemia like the added iron in the cereal.


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Have you been checked for iron deficiency? Usually when a breastfed baby is iron defiicent so is the mother on some level. Try supplementing yourself if you want with some more iron, also give her small doses. I would also up her amounts of iron rich foods. Dark green veggies and meats are very good.

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I have not had this problem but if you think its too much then try only the 30 per day and when you take her in again you will find out if that is enough and if not then do the 60 like the doc suggested. even if you have to spread it out more throughout the day so that the food doesnt taste as bad, so she continues to eat, shouldnt be a problem. God Bless. I hope this helped.

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