is 4 months to early to wean?

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my baby was born in October and was gaining weight fine untill december where he stayed the same now in total hes lost 6ozs untill february, hes been checked by his doctor and hes happy with him and is now starting to put the onces back on, my husband is fretting that all the bottled fed babies that were born when he was are all on solids. Do you think i should start with him some baby rice or continue as normal untill the recommended 6 months?


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Holly - posted on 02/10/2009




I personally think 4 months is a bit early for solids. Many breastfed babies gain a lot at first and then level off their weight gain, so they are leaner than formula babies by 1 year. This is normal. If the dr is not worried, then don't worry! Your baby will have less chance of being obese later in life!

I like to follow child-led weaning and that includes when to start solids: baby is of course sitting up on his own, holding things and putting things in his mouth, watching you eat, mimicking your chewing, reaching for food, and in fact, hollering at you to give it to him! My son was doing all these things for a long time but I would test him to see if he really wanted food or just wanted to play with my spoon - I would give him the empty spoon and he would be happy with that. Then one day he kept throwing it down and still yelling at me, and only would stop when I gave him food - then I knew he was ready. I am not sure why people are so obsessed with giving babies food on a certain day on the calendar, when they should just pay attention to the child themself! The child will tell you when he is ready - they are all different!

Jenefer - posted on 02/10/2009




There's no reason why you can't breastfeed and start on solids. There is no reason to swap to forumula as suggested above.

Jenna - posted on 02/10/2009




My daughter is almost 2. I think 2 is my suggestion. An infant doesn't have their full immunity and you're providing it for them. Stay on as long as you can,

Pauline - posted on 02/10/2009




I think about a few things.  Is he interested in food?  Watching you eat and trying to grab your spoon?  Is he able to sit up in a high chair without slumping?  If he is gaining weight again and your doctor is not worried I would not be in too much of a hurry.  I agree with the previous recomendation that you consider a lactation consultation as they can be really helpful.  Also remember that 6 months is a guideline.  Some babies want to eat earlier and some later.  For example my son was a big eater, right a way and started solid foods at 5 months.  My daughter is s11 months and is really only recently begun to be interested in solid food.  She still primarily nurses for nutrition.  It is quite variable.

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The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends at least 1 yr of BFing and the World Health Organization recommends at least 2.

If you are going to wean at 4 mo. you must switch to formula. They cannot have dairy until 1 yr, (with the exception often of Pedi's oking yogurt around 9 mo.) so you must either BF or give them formula.

The soonest they recommend starting cereal is 4 mo. but most recommend waiting until 6 mo. This is best for babies health... less food allergies as adults.

Also, even once you start solids, it is NOT their source of nutrition. Solids in the 1st year are all about learning and fun, that's it. Their nutrition comes in the form of BFing or Formula. BFing is best for your baby and if that's going well there really is no reason to stop just because...

Research, educate both yourself and your hubby on the benefits of BFing. You are giving your baby the best start health wise and even mentally by BFing. As even the formula people/commercials say, breast is best!

Emily - posted on 02/10/2009




I would stick it out until 6 mos - there are important reasons for that recommendation - if you need some ammunition check out and

Try doing breast compressions while you're nursing to keep him feeding well - check that he's swallowing.  You could also talk to a LC In your area to get some help if you're having trouble with your latch.  If you're concerned about your supply, try increasing the # of feedings, pumping after each feeding and/or using some of the herbals like fenugreek or mother's milk tea.  There are also prescription meds (Domperidone) that can help if your supply is low.  If the doctor isn't concerned, I would try not to worry (hard, I know).  Remember that breastfed babies gain differently than formula fed babies. Keep feeding on demand and wait until 6 mos. for solids - we're doing Baby-led weaning which is working well (my guy is 7mos).

Good luck!

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