is breastfeeding in the nude ok?

Susan - posted on 05/18/2012 ( 9 moms have responded )




is it ok to breastfeed naked at home? i breastfeed my 1 year old naked in the living room which is fine. But i have a son who is 11 and whenever i breastfeed, i think he enjoys seeing me naked :s
what do you think?


Catalina - posted on 05/18/2012




If you really think your older son enjoys it you need to stop immediately.

Cindy - posted on 06/05/2012




I think it's crazy to be naked around your 11 year old. I have a 6 yr old and I will not let him see me naked..till this day he thinks women have the same parts as a man and until he is old enough that's what I will stick with. This is just my thoughts about the end you are still going to do what you think is right for you.

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MariB - posted on 06/22/2012




At least he is seeing the woman's body in a realistic, natural setting, do what her body was intended. Nursing a baby. is one of the reasons a girl's body is different from his. I bet he does like looking but there isn't anything sexy about it.

[deleted account]

If this isn't a joke, then you should not be bf naked in front of your 11 yr old. You need to educate yourself on the development of ages and stages of children. If you think that your son is getting off in any way while you bf naked- you need to get a clue and stop. I still think this post is full of shit. I think it's an anti-bf male/female trolling. Go away or prove yourself!

[deleted account]

i hope its a joke as well....not particularly funny though,rather sick actually and even sicker if its true !

[deleted account]

I think you should do whatever is comfortable. I have breastfed naked at home alot of times especially since I sleep in the nude I have got out of bed to breastfeed. I have a son who is also 12 years old and he has seen me nude it doesn't phase him at all, but thats just me. I believe it's up to you to decide.

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