is clicking sounds ever ok when nursing?

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My son is 12 weeks old an lately he has started making a clicking sound when he's nursing. I reserched blogs and every internet page i could on the subject, an i tried everything everyone said to do to fix it (a bad latch)(an checked it's not thrush, no white dots). So I took him over to our local wic office and has a lactation consultant look at the way i was feeding him an she said the same things the internet had said to try. So he then said if he's getting enough pee/poop diapers and im not in any kind of pain and he's gaining weight that i shouldn't worry with it. But I am!! Help!!


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Clicking is a classic sign of Thrush. But sometimes Thrush doesn't "present" in the normal way. In other words, you might not see white dots. Does his tongue look "milky"? Even if it doesn't, he may still have Thrush.

Is he reluctant to eat? Does he squirm and bob on and off the breast?

I battled Thrush for a loooong time. I definitely had it b/c nursing hurt like heck! But my baby never showed any signs. his behavior pointed to Thrush, though.

One way to treat without getting a prescription is with Gentian Violet. You can get it over the counter - your pharmacist might have to order it for you. See here for more info:

If you're certain it's not Thrush, and your baby is happy and healthy, and you're pain-free, then don't worry! Enjoy nursing! :)

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It's fine. My son does this too. It's just a little break in their suction here and there :)

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I had not heard about clicking meaning a baby had thrush. When I had my first baby and the nurse came to our house for a home visit to see how everything was going, she had me nurse the baby to check the latch and when I had let down, you could hear a little click every time she swallowed. The nurse said this was a good thing and that we were well latched and the baby was getting a good milk output. We never had any problems at all. This is how my second nursed as well. My milk would let down and she would click away as she began to nurse faster to keep up with the milk.


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Katie - posted on 11/25/2010




My daughter used to do the same thing. She still does occasionally. She's 7 1/2 months now. When I would watch her nurse, to me it looked like she was loosing her tight suction over my breast. She was doing that when she was 4 or 5 month old. She used to do it at all her feedings, but it's a rare occurance now. She never had Thrush. It never hurt when she did it as long as she didn't accidently bite me when she was getting back on. That's what it looked like when she would nurse. Have you ever watched him to see if he has a change in his latch when he makes that sound? I got a little concerned, but not that much because she would still have good feeds.

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