Is he getting enough?

Aarin - posted on 01/26/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




I have been breastfeeding my son since he was born and after a month I started supplementing with on bottle of soy formula just before bed. This seems to satisfy him and he sleeps all night now with the soy bottle.
My question is he seems desperate for the bottle come evening even though he is breastfed all day and if he does wake up at night.
I'm just worried that I'm not making enough milk for my "little' guy and that is why he wants the bottle so bad come evening.
I know if he does sleep the whole night my breasts are full come morning and I'm very ready for him to nurse but I can sleep now all night without a nursing bra and pads. Same durring the day I'm no longer leaking. I'm I just now producing to exacly what he needs? He is gaining about an ounce and a half a day.



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Andrea - posted on 02/21/2010




May I make a suggestion? I too give a bottle at night to my 3 month old - I cluster feed from about 5 or 6 on, and then about 30 mins after her last breastfeeding, I change her diaper and give her about 2-3 oz in a bottle - helps her sleep for sure - HOWEVER, there is no need to use formula for this :) I am usually so engorged in the morning that she is satisfied after only one breast, the other breast I pump and save for the night - this way you will not need the formula - save the money, and keep the good stuff going into your baby.

Good luck!

Aarin - posted on 02/20/2010




Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, I couldn't find the thread once I posted it. As for why I feed soy, my family has a history of milk alergies and I went straight to soy as not to give him the issues of the milk allergies that my Mother had with both my brother and I. My doctor also thought that this was a good idea given that I'm still lactose.
For me sleep at night is very important as I have a medical issue that requires me to get as much sleep as possible which is why I started supplementing with the one bottle at night.
Over the past few weeks I have started to give him the bottle two hours earlier and put him to bed which has worked wonders for him. My milk supply has increased again durring the day, so I must have not been drinking enough water when I posted the question.
Thank you everyone for all of your help. :D

Crystal - posted on 02/12/2010




I had the same problem as you. I talked to a lactation counsilor and she told me that once he gets to where he starts sleeping longer at night he'll do what's called cluster feeding. He's trying to eat as much as possible so he can sleep longer at night without having to wake up as often to eat. I was giving him a bottle of soy formula, but opted to not do that anymore and pump a bottle of breast milk instead. He drinks that now and still does as well as if he got the formula. I just feel better not giving him formula, breast milk is way better for him.

Angela - posted on 02/11/2010




I always found that I had much less milk at night and a ton in the morning. I had a hungry and tired little girl. Once my second one arrives in April I plan to supplement with formula for the last night feeding after I've established a good milk supply. I will probably pump for that feeding though and allow my husband to give the bottle.

Claire - posted on 02/10/2010




Hey Aarin
I'm a peer supporter for breastfeeding mums. Firstly your not alone alot of mums worry that they are not producing enough milk for their baby. If your baby is happy and content, has more wet nappies than dry is putting on some weight then it is very unlikely that he isnt getting enough. If your breasts have stopped leaking in the night thats possibly due to you stopping his last feed of the evening as that could reduce your milk your breasts and baby are very intellligent and only produce the amount of milk that your baby needs and if your start supplementing or using formula to replace a breastfeed your body will take this into account in your milk supply...does that make sense??? Sleepless nights are very hard, but it might giving formula doesn't guarentee a sleepful night as it is alot slower and sometimes harder for babies to diguest. If you are determined to breasfeed you could go back to purely breastfeeding to ensure that your body produces the amount of milk your baby needs....It is up to you though :) in the evening babies can want to feed more and back and forth between breasts....this is so that they can get more of the fatty milk which will help them to last longer at night

I hope this has helped...any other questions you can always ask your health visitor or check for your local breastfeeding helpine/support.

Rachel - posted on 02/09/2010




I think you should omit the bottle at night. He wants it out of habit, and if your worried about your milk supply drink plenty of water and juice and prenatal vitamins. My first child I didn't drink and eat enough,and ended up not producing enough.

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I would suggest breastfeeding him instead of giving him the bottle, as Christine suggests. The more he breastfeeds, the more your supply will increase. Good luck.

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Formula is much harder to digest than breast milk. That's likely why he's able to sleep so long. The more you supplement, the more your body will adjust. Supply and demand, that's how it works. If you were to cut out the formula, and nurse more often, your body would start producing more milk.
How old is your baby? He could be going through a growth spurt. If I were you I wouldn't increase his formula intake. Just keep nursing on demand and stick with the one bottle of formula unless that doesn't suit you.
Also, may I ask why you have chosen to give him soy?

Here's an article that I suggest you take a look at...

near the end of it there's a bit of info on soy formula.

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Your milk production is like supply and demand and will keep making milk as long as your baby is feeding from you and adjust to meet the needs of your baby.

I would suggest nursing him to sleep instead unless the bottle is what you want to give him.

But everything sounds like you are doing fine and your milk production is fine.

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