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Allyson - posted on 05/21/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




After 3 months and 1 week of 6-8 feedings a day, I am noticing a recent change. I used to let down after like 90 minutes and it was pretty severe. The longest I could possibly go without was 4 hours. Well, I don't feel any let down all the sudden but my milk supply is pretty much the same. Does the let down feeling go away with time? Yesterday I really needed some rest, so I went 6 hours without (baby still had milk from pumping) and my breasts weren't even leaking or hard when I woke up...It seems really weird!


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It is normal for your breasts to feel softer and for that strong letdown sensation to go away. As long as baby is wetting diapers then your supply is good. However, don't skip too many feedings. If baby is fed pumped milk in a bottle then you should also pump. Putting baby to the breast when they show hunger cues is the best way to maintain a great supply. A break every now and then probably won't hurt though (like needing a night off here an there).

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