Is it safe to use A+D ointment for nipples instead of Lansinoh?

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I found a HUGE tub of it on Ebay for really cheap and I'm working on stocking up on some essentials before the baby gets here (while I still have the money and time to shop!).

On the A+D ointment tube, it says the active ingredients are lanolin, and petrolatum. The inactive ingredients are cod liver oil (contains vitamin A and vitamin D), fragrance, light mineral oil, microcrystalline wax, and paraffin. Are these all safe to use?

And another thing... are you supposed to clean the ointment off all the way before nursing or does it not matter?


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No, the best thing for your nipples is your milk. Take some of your milk and rub it on your nipple and let it air dry a couple of minutes. Repeat as often as necessary. Trust me it works wonders. My nipples were cracked and bleeding and hurt sooooo bad and I almost quit breastfeeding until someone told me to throw out the lanolin and use my own milk and by the end of the day it had stopped bleeding and was on the road to healing. It was so bad that when the baby would spit up, it was full of my blood. No fun!

But once I did this, it was smooth sailing and I didn't have another problem.

Tricia - posted on 01/09/2010




Do not use A+D ointment on your nips. Lanolin is made from sheep and comes in different grades, the same way that other agricultural products do. The Lanolin used in nipple creams is medical grade and ultra-purified. The lanolin used in A+D is not. Also petrolatum is a petroleum byproduct (read "feeding crude oil to baby"), and mineral oil and paraffin wax are not safe to ingest. Don't put anything on your nipples that you wouldn't lick off of your fingers.

You don't even need nipple cream unless you have cracked and bleeding nipples, which if you have a good latch, shouldn't be a problem. If breastfeeding is really painful, see a board certified lactation consultant.


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Minnie - posted on 01/09/2010




Agree with the previous posters. Do not do this.

Lansinoh is recommended by La Leche League because it is hypoallergenic and safe for baby to ingest.

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