Is there adequate supply?

Jenny - posted on 11/08/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a new 3 week old baby girl and I have been exclusively BF her. For some reason in the last week and a half she has gone from being satisfied after one breast to pulling and tugging and fussing and wanting to eat every 1.5 to 2 hours 24/7. Is there enough supply?? How can I tell? I never have the full feeling, things always feel deflated.



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Celeste - posted on 11/08/2010




Agree with the others! The best way to tell is by diaper count. As long as she's getting plenty of diapers (about 6), then you're fine. And it does sound like a growth spurt.

That's GOOD that you don't feel full, you're not supposed to have that full feeling after awhile.

Emily - posted on 11/08/2010




Yep, growth spurt. Your supply is fine. Don't bother with a pump.. not necessary. Just keep feeding on demand. Your body will produce exactly as much milk as your baby needs. The best indicator of whether your baby is getting enough is if they have enough wet/poopy diapers.

Carolyn - posted on 11/08/2010




3 weeks is prime time for a growth spurt, the increased rate of feeding is to help establish your milk supply to meet her new needs ! just let her nurse her little heart out and it will build up your supply, so long as you are getting 6-8 wet diapers and some bowel movements here and there you are good to go !

your baby is drinking very little at this ages , probably only 1-3 oz at most , you could try pumping to see your output, but not everyone is succesful pumping. someone women can pump very little but have a great supply, so dont be alarmed

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