is this a growth spurt or what??

Leslie - posted on 09/08/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi, I'm new to bf and would kind if like to now what's going on! My girl is 3 weeks old and she was eating every 3 or so hours and these last couple of days all I've done is set and feed her. Is this a growth spurt, if so about how long does it usually last!? or is my milk starting to not satisfy her, or what!? This is my third kid but its my first time bfing, so everything is new to me, so I hope somebody can help me!!


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Lise - posted on 09/10/2012




Sounds like a growth spurt! Just nurse, nurse, nurse! Milk is based on supply and demand - the more she nurses, the more you'll have. To determine if your lo is getting enough, just watch weight gain and how many wet diapers your baby gets every day.

Lori - posted on 09/09/2012




It sounds like a growth spurt. Growth spurts usually last a few days. Settle in, and just nurse her. As she nurses she's signaling your body to make more milk. The more she nurses, the more milk you'll make. During growth spurts, babies need more milk than non growth spurt times, so they nurse more frequently. The emptier your breast is... the faster it makes more milk. The fuller it is, milk production slows down.

And in general, it's a good idea to feed on demand.. not on a schedule.

Sounds like you're doing great so far. The first 6 weeks are generally the toughest, and it gets easier from there.

Amy - posted on 09/08/2012




It sounds like a growth spurt to me too. How are her diaper counts? My daughter used to cluster feed so from 6-8:30 everynight she would be stuck to me at night.

DenitraLicon - posted on 09/08/2012




Hello.. I believe it's a growth spurt... My son would breastfeed every 1 hr to 1 1/2.. It's hard but it's best for the baby... Just relax and feed her. It might go away and that might be her schedule.. My son is almost 7 months and won't go past 2 hrs without eating.

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