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I just had my second baby yesterday and have been nursing him. He is 18 months apart from his sister and she was nursed till she was 12 months and 2 weeks old. Well, with him he is spiting up milk. and I am wondering if my milk never completely dried up? Can that be and will that make things a bit easier on us?


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With this being your second your milk might have come in faster than it did before since it's old hat for your body this time around :) and your milk may not have completely disappeared since you were pregnant for a while while still feeding but it's not a good or bad thing so don't worry about it either way :)

Milk usually starts coming in hard and strong by day two or three at the lastest and often keeps a yellowish tinge to it from colostrum for a while until the milk matures around 10-13days later ( but milk comes in many colours white, yellowish, bluish greenish and even pink/reddish and they're all fine and healthy).

It won't necessarily make things easier or harder for feeding, although if your milk comes in well it will reduce how badly and how long a baby has jaundice since lots of pees and poos are needed to clear the bilirubin out of their system which means lots and lots of eating :)

Hopefully since you didn't mention having a problem with breastfeeding in the past this time, maybe this around will be equally easy for you, but unfortunately there are no guarantees :) So eat well, take your vitamins and drink water when thenever the baby drinks milk and stay well rested and hopefully low stress ( I know wishful thinking right :D)

As for spitting up, it's usually just an annoying increase in laundry rather than anythingto worry about. Eating too much or too fast, swallowing air from over zealous eating or frequent pull offs or even reflux from a weak muslce at the top of the stomach :) as long as he doens't seem in pain and it peeing and pooping enough ( and gaining weight :D) then noo worries!

Since breastfeed babies are harder to burp, try laying them on their tummy and massaging their back and lightly patting and if you watch the video a lot of babies make a specific sound and action when they need to burp, I know mine did lol :)

If you have any more questions or concerns feel free to ask :) we are here to help!

you can also check out babycentre and kellymom they are great resources to start with :)

Best wishes to you and your family!!

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