Is this normal?

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My son is a week old now. I couldn't breastfeed my other son. The lactation consultant I talked to with my first son was horrid and I didn't expect so many problems. It only lasted 2 weeks. This time, I was more prepared so I figured it would be tought but work out okay. My son was born tongue tied, but they clipped it and fixed it. We already started to supplement because he lost too much weight in the hospital. The lactation consultant I had this time was awesome and an angel! She said my milk may not come in at all because I had a csection and the IV fluids cause the problem. With the tongue tie, my son possibly has to learn how to use his tongue better. He also has a recessed jaw. So she had me pump in order to help bring my milk in while we supplemented because my right breast produced NOTHING after 6 hours and my left, a smidge. My son had already lost too much weight. Anyway, I'm still struggling.

His latch is painful. He doesn't latch well. I suck at helping him fix his latch. My milk seems to have come in, I can pump 1oz pretty easily out of each breast within just a few minutes. But I'm just not sure it's going to work out? I try to breastfeed instead of supplement. It works sometimes, but other times it doesn't. Yesterday I made it through two feedings without having to give him anything, then the 3rd I had to because we were just having too many problems. Ummm...

Is it normal to spend one and half hours trying to feed him ONE time? Like, I started breastfeeding at 1:30pm and at 3pm I gave up and gave him formula - he drank 2 oz and finally fell asleep. It doesn't seem like he's transfering milk well, or sucking it well? Is it normal to spend that much time trying to get 1 meal into them? I'm not sure, never made it this far before!


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When he tries to latch is her get most of your areola and all of your nipple? Are his lips pooched out around your breast? Is his tongue UNDER your nipple when nursing? He may have a hard time and may require extra work since he has had a bottle. A lot of babies get nipple confused because it is MUCH easier to suck on a bottle nipple than moms nipple. Try using lanolin cream for your nipples. It is perfectly have for baby and helps tremendously with the pain and discomfort. My best advice would be to have the consultant check and see if his latch is good. I had a har time doing than because i felt weird having her touching my boob but i was so glad i did. Good luck hun. Remember, you and him are both learning this together so it's gonna take lots of time and patience.

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