It's time to wean :(

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My daughter just turned one and I would like to start to wean her. She has never taken a bottle but does drink from a sippy cup. She eats solids well but when she sees me all she wants is boob. If I say the word boob she wants it and will start tapping my chest. I have three children and this is the first time that I've nursed this long and with no bottle. I don't know how to wean her do I just stop completly or gradually? She nurses every 3 hrs at night, when she wakes up, and 3-4 times during the day. Any suggestions?


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You don't HAVE to wean her at 1. There will continue to be benefits for your daughter as long as you nurse. So there are a few options:

-If you *want* to nurse past 1, nightwean her and introduce nursing manners:

One method for nightweaning:

Other nightweaning methods:

Nursing manners:

If you are just ready to wean, I'd wean slowly. You don't want to set yourself up for mastitis or pain.

Here are some techniques for weaning:


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Frances - posted on 02/07/2011




I'm going to do the night weaning first..Thanks for all the advice and links..this was beginning to stress me a sigh of relief

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Wean slowly. My son is going to be 11 months next week and we are going to start the weaning process (but will continue nursing before bed at night time for a few more months). Cut out one feeding a day for a couple days, then another for a couple days, etc.

As for night time weaning....well many don't agree but I made my son cry it out. Two nights and some whining (not even real crying) is all it took. He has been free of night time weaning for two weeks.

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Here is a link someone attached to their comment on my post about weaning as well.
There is no need to introduce a bottle, have you tried giving her your milk in her sippy cup? If you are going to put her on cow's milk start with 1/4 cows milk the rest breast milk and increase from there if she doesn't like the taste of just cows milk.
I might need to wean my almost 8m old and I plan to do so very slowly, but I don't want him weaned until 12m if I can continue for that long.
That link I attached is very helpful and has many different weaning techniques. Good luck!

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