IV Sedation while nursing?? Is it safe for baby or will i have to pump & dump?

Brandie - posted on 05/05/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I have to have my wisdom teeth out and they want to put me to sleep with IV sedation, I called the Oral surgeon to find out what types of drugs is in the sedation but they haven't called me back. Has anyone had any experience with have to be sedated while nursing. I was wondering if I Will be able to nurse my 5 month old or will I have to pump and dump and if so How long will I have to dump? Any Ideas? or Any help would be greatly appreciated since the oral surgeon wont get back to me....makes me really want to go through with the surgery!!! NOT. I have never been sedated and am very nervous about it! Any positive experiences with sedation or having wisdom teeth out would also be appreciated. THANKS


Amber - posted on 05/08/2009




I really don't know about the anethia, but I read a ton on medication getting into your breastmilk. Basically all medication you take goes into your breastmilk in small amounts. I hurt myself very badly and needed to take some pain medication which my ob said would be fine that only a small amount would go to baby, but I really didn't feel comfortable with even a small amount. So what I found on the internet is that it really doesn't go into your milk more than 8 hours after you take the medicine, so to be on the safe side I would not use the milk for 12 hours after. I pumped and dumped to keep my supply up. It was so sad dumping my milk that I decided not to even take the medicine and just suffer, but that is what I did and my baby seemed to have no affect. Everyone does different things so this is just what I did. I did read though that your milk is actually very freshly made by your body when you nurse and I had read that pumping and dumping is unneccesary other than keeping up your supply while you don't nurse due to medication. Good luck. I had both my wisdom teeth removed with no sedation and I did need some pain medication, but only for a day or two and it wasn't so bad.


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I had a general anesthetic for my c-section and breastfed my newborn baby about an hour after, so I think it should be fine to continue breastfeeding afterwards, unless it's something other than a general that you're having, in which case you should check with an LC just to be safe.

User - posted on 05/05/2009




I would call a lactation consultant or a la leche league leader and check with them. They will probably be familiar with sitatuations like this and be able to offer more advice.

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I only have half the answer to this question. Pumping and dumping does not do anything at all. The drug or alcohol if you drink will leave the milk on its own time frame and pumping and dumping only wastes your breast milk. As far as getting the wisdom teeth out goes don't worry it's fine. I had mine out at age 16 and I had very little pain after. I just slept a lot for the first 12 hours or so. Good luck!

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