Just Can't Produce HELP PLEASE

Jamie - posted on 09/06/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




ok here is my story...
At my daughters one week appointment she was over the normal weight loss, and it concerned the Doctor. I was given formula and a prescription for metoclopram to be taken 3 times a daily. I went home and did as Doctor instructed and I had a much happier baby and she gained 7 oz. over the weekend. Doctor and I both were happy. I was a little upset I had to give her formula but happy she was growing and not as cranky. Then we moved cross country and once we met with our Doctor here I was made to feel like I failed. The Doctor suggested I stop the formula and try pumping more. I was ready to throw in the towel, but thought I had not tried EVERYTHING yet. I go home try fenugreek, pump more often, and drown myself with water. When I do pump I get NOTHING! The only time I've ever gotten anything of substance is two hours while she is sleeping, but that is less then .5 of an oz. So my question is has anyone ever experienced this? Is there something I'm not doing to help me produce more?


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Alvina - posted on 03/05/2017




To boost my breast milk production, I was drinking Healthy nursing tea that helped producing enough supply that my baby is now on exclusive bfing.

Marabeth - posted on 09/06/2009




pumping volume is not a clear indicator of production.. some women can pump a lot, some cant.. some can after a certain amount of time. i couldnt pump a substantial amount until my daughter had been nursing two months. i agree with your second doctor to stop formula if you want to keep nursing exclusively. just put your baby to your breast with the best possible latch you two can manage as much as possible (even if its every thirty minutes) and your supply will meet her demand. it may take time but in my experience its normal for a baby to want to constantly eat (literally) for at least the first two months if not a little longer than that. my daughter lost more than the dr liked in the first two weeks also but her urine wasn't dark or overly smelly so i didnt worry about it. but i did constantly put her to my breast and pay attention to her latch. now shes 5 months, chubby and happy.

i also recommend sleeping with your baby if you arent already. when baby can wake up and drain your breasts several times a night (like mine will) you are capable of producing much more. being well rested and not overly stressed really helps with milk production by allowing more let downs while baby nurses. just relax, your body *can* produce everything your baby needs as long as you let her suckle and not feed her bottles. good luck momma!

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