Just wondering...What is the average weight for a 16 month old?

Mindy - posted on 09/02/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




My 16 month old is at 34 lbs and looks very healthy to me. Does not look over weight at all. But when other ppl see him they go on about how big he is for his age and are so shocked about his weight....So I'm wondering what the average weight is and what other 16 month old babies are weighing?


Joni - posted on 02/26/2013




I have 3 boys my first was 26lbs 13 oz and 32 1/4 in, 2nd was 29 lbs 4 oz and33 3/4 , my 3rd son which has always been the smallest is 24 lbs 7 oz and32in tall. 34 lbs is way off the charts but I assume he has always been a big baby that why his ped dr isn't too concerned. The charts are only to track their grownth and as long as he didn't have a big spike or drop in his weight or height the drs usually don't get too worried. Best wishes.

Natasha - posted on 09/07/2010




As long as your doctor says he is fine I wouldnt worry about what other people think. Children dont need to be skinny like all these movie stars they are babies. So I think you are doing fine.

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All kids are made different. :) How tall is he? That would make quite a bit of difference. My 2.5 year old is only 26-27ish pounds, but he's in the 25th percentile for both weight and height.

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I am not sure what the so called average weight is for a 16 month old. I wouldn't listen to those other people. Every child is different. As long as his weight is not having a negative effect on his health then he is fine. If the pediatrician tells you that he is a little high on the charts and it can have a negative impact on his health later on in life, then start to take control of his eating habits now while he is young.

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Ashleigh - posted on 09/07/2010




All mine were around 20 pounds,But they were all on the small end of the spectrum...based on the chrats(which are designed for Formula fed babies).ALL babies are different.Your baby sounds like a perfect little chunk!I wouldnt worry one bit about what other ppl say.It sounds to me that hes just a healthy little boy.Just be proud Mama!

Mindy - posted on 09/03/2010




Yes, my pedi say he's very healthy and I should be proud and ignore all comments. I have no reason to worry. but the looks I get when I tell ppl how old he is just seems so alarming. He's in the 90th percentile for both weight and height.

Francesca - posted on 09/02/2010




Every baby is different. My daughter is a string bean and I hear it all the time about how skinny she is. She is 32 inches and 22 lbs. But, she is a runner! (I wish I could undo that milestone of walking!)

I brought it up to my doctor and he assured me that my daughter was healthy. And he continued to tell me that her being healthy is far more imporant than some ignorant comments from people that have no education in the field. And that every baby is different.

Ignore the peanut gallery :)

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