left breast not producing much milk

Sabrina - posted on 11/22/2008 ( 6 moms have responded )




I have a 14 week old baby girl, and recently i have noticed that i am barely producing any milk out of my left side, is it possible for one side to just dry up? I cant even get a full oz out of the left side but My right side is great! Also any foods any of you ladies have tried that seem to make your milk produce more? thanks so much


Bonnie - posted on 11/22/2008




The best all natural way to increase milk flow is to stimulate the breast that is producing less. Your breasts only make milk when they are empty so the more you empty it the more it makes. try feeding more on that side and pump on that side in between feedings. I had the same problem when i first began BF and i didn't want to take any drugs or pills. And you don't need to take anything you just have to trick mother nature ;-)


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Smithhelen221 - posted on 12/22/2017




I faced this problem when i had my LO. I was so upset but than my sister recommended me Healthy Nursing Tea and after using it i was able to easily feed my LO.

Crystal - posted on 11/23/2008




Fenugreek is great if you don't have enough milk. I take it. But if you have enough milk & you just want to produce on the other side, try nursing more frequently from the side that is not producing. My right side produces more than my left too so I nurse or pump from the left side more & I do see that it evens out. Oatmeal is an awesome food. It really does increase your milk supply. It even works when I eat oatmeal cookies.

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i was the same way and my milk was going away and a freind told me about this pill so i asked to doctor about it and he tole me it was great and i tryed it and i was getting 2x the milk and i told a freind about it and she was getting to much after to took the pills so she stated frezzing it. its called fenugreek u can get it from a health food store it worked great for me ...

Summer - posted on 11/22/2008




My right also produces more than my left (almost twice as much) and always has. With my first son I would have him start on that side most of the time to stimulate it more as he was more aggressive when he was hungry, then switch to the right to finish. It helped a little. Currently with my twins, I switch who starts on the left every time and empty both each time and it still produces less. I think it is very common and it always seems to be the left side, so there may be a physiological reason for it.

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