Left, right, left, right...

Lise - posted on 03/18/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




DD is big on switching sides right now, especially in the evening. (I know it helps with letdown, but sometimes she'll pull off while milk is coming out, which is frustrating.)

Anyway, she was on the left for 5 seconds, right, left, right, etc. for almost 10 minutes. No drinking - just comfort nursing. So as she's on the left and starts to go to the right, I told her, "No, dd, stick with this one." She gave me a smile, and then shook her head no. She then oh so gently patted the right. I say, "No, sweetie, let's stick with the left one for a while longer." She grins, grabs the bottom of my nursing tank, WAVES to my left boob while saying "bye bye!", pulls up my nursing tank on that side, pulls down the other side, WAVES to the right boob and says "Hello!" with an even bigger grin. I love nursing a toddler!!!!

Best part was my hubby laughing and saying, "That's the coolest thing ever."


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That's adorable Lise! Mine switches back and forth quite a bit as well. When she gets fussy I say 'Do you want the other one?' and she gives me the greatest grin and says 'YEAH!!!'. So cute.

Codie - posted on 03/18/2011




that is soo cute! my 9 month old's favorite thing to do right now is grab my boob with both hands and move his mouth back and forth across my nipple and make noises (like moving your finger up and down on his lips to make that funny sound or doing the indian call thing by taking your hand off and on his mouth) its so funny but it can be frustrating when i just want him to feed and get it over with lol. thanks for sharing!

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