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Chiew Phing - posted on 08/11/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




i have just deliver a baby boy 1 month 1 week ago. During the 1st month, i have a confinement lady to help me around the house and also with the baby. After she left, i felt that my breast milk supply is low and always feels that my breast is empty. How can i increase the milk supply?
Pls, i am eating much more compare to 1st month. Does the milk level drops because i need to do the housework and also manages the baby at the same time? Previouly i can easily pump 4-5 oz after breastfeeding, now it is difficult to get 3oz before feeding.

Please advice


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Sara - posted on 02/18/2016




The best way to increase low milk supply is healthy nursing tea by secrets of tea. I have used it with good results and my son exclusively breastfed for whole two years.

Emma - posted on 08/11/2009




You breasts feel huge at the start then when your milk supply settles down it feels like you dont have enough milk. If bub settles after a feed than dont worry. If you want though you can drink raspberry leaf tea (not raspberry flavour) it is quite nice, i drank it with my daughter because i had the same fear as you (also she was 9 pound 6 born and always hungry). Fenugreek also is ment to increase you milk supply but i didnt notice any difference.

Dont worry stress will make things worse, your breasts will make as much as your son needs,

Whitney - posted on 08/11/2009




No panic, it is normal! After your milk first comes in it is in abundance. After about the first month it will decrease to meet the demands that your baby has. Your daughter is also at a stage where she will have a growth spurt. The more she eats from it, the more milk you will eventually make. Just keep her on your breast, or pumping often and soon enough your milk supply will rise. It may seem like your daughter isn't getting enough, but she is and she will be fine. She may not be "full", but frequent nursing will satisfy her at least. Hang in there!

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