Make Breast milk yogurt

Noelia - posted on 03/31/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




■Start by expressing at least 1 pint of breast milk (medela breast pump works well). Now, get a pot or double boiler to heat the pint of breast milk over medium heat. It is a good idea to measure the heat using a precise thermometer – a candy thermometer is a good choice.
■You should keep stirring the breast milk while heating it up, as it is extremely important to keep yogurt milk base from scorching. While doing so, also pay attention to the fact that you don’t want to boil the milk.
■Get a sterilized jar and empty breast milk into it just when it has cooled to 110 degrees.
■The next step is to add no more than one tablespoon of cow’s milk yogurt. This is to allow the active cultures available in cow’s milk yogurt to colonize new yogurt. Just when it is done, you can use this particular batch of yogurt to prepare breast milk yogurt in future.
■Now you need a thermos or cooler to store this jar of freshly prepared yogurt. To get it into right condition, you have to wait for at least six hours, which is enough for the yogurt cultures to grow. In case you are interested in preparing tarter yogurt, let it incubate it for some more time. Likewise, you can reduce the time if you are looking for milder-tasting yogurt. It means you can experiment if you want to, but for an ideally prepared yogurt, you need about six hours for cultures to incubate properly.


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