Meal suggestions for a one year old.

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Hi all. I need some help with meal planning (on a budget!) For breakfast Bryce usually eats either an egg, french toast, a waffle or a pancake with a banana. For dinner, he eats what we eat. But I'm stumped on lunch, because we normally don't have leftovers from dinner and my husband and I don't really buy "lunch" type foods. Normally I would just eat a PBJ or cereal. Before Bryce turned one, we didn't necessarily do lunch everyday. But when I gave him lunch, it was usually just jarred baby food. And when I give him snacks, it is either fruit cocktail or crackers or puffs... We are on a tight budget. We buy enough that we have dinners and of course eggs and such and then foods for my hubby's lunch. I still breastfeed him about every 2 hours during the day.

I guess I'm just asking for lunch/snack suggestions (he needs more veggies) and maybe about how often you give snacks during the day. This is our meal schedule:

7:30 AM Breast milk

8:30 Breakfast

9:30 ish Breastmilk

10:30 Either snack or nap.

12:30/1 Once he wakes up from his nap I breastfeed him, then an hour after that he would have lunch.)

1:30/2 Lunch

3:30/4 Breast milk

5:30 Dinner

6:30 Oatmeal

7:00 Breast milk

7:30 Bed.

Depending on how his nap is, the afternoon schedule could be different, but I just wanted to know if that seemed normal and such. Thank you all.


Amy - posted on 12/02/2010




My husband feeds our son sandwitches. He'll buy delli meet, get some cheese (or string cheese). Sometimes we'll even give him a yogart for lunch (but at 1 I'm sure you'll need to feed that part to him). Also, our son loves fruit and veggies, so we'll give him some frozen (or fresh steemed) veggies for lunch too.

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