Medela breat pump no suction?

Anneke - posted on 02/03/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




I bought a Medela mini electric breast pump off ebay, said was used a few times. I tried it and it dosnt have any suction at all? Just buzzes. I had a snow bear one before that and it worked great compared to this and i wish now i had of got the snow bear one as it was cheap and worked. I lend that to a friend who put it in her dishwasher . I only need it for when my nipples bleed :( I have such sore nipples all the time now and have been breastfeeding a year. Usually only happens around my period. Its agony and looks bad. So thought pump would help. I have a tomy tippee manual one but it doesn't do flip all but hurt me, cant get anything out. I hate this pumping stuff but my boobs can get very sore around nipple.

Is this pump faultyy or what I expected a medela one to be good,.


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I am sure you have a faulty pump and would suggest buying a new one (it is not suggested to borrow or use a previously owned pump anyway). A lot of times your insurance will pay for it- check that out. I purchased the Medela Freestyle pump- it is a double electric pump that also come with a hands free apparatus. I love it. I can pump 5 oz out of each breast within 5-10 min total. It is a wonderful pump, but it is expensive (~$375)- I'm happy I spent the $$, totally worth it for me.


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Nicole - posted on 02/05/2010




look online at - they have a good bit of medela spare parts. membranes and tubing are about $8 US. other things range from $15-20 usd.

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clean it out, well. if you take the hose off and replace it that will also maybe solve. Cheaper than buying a whole new one. When cleaning the cup area, take everything apart from it and wash each part in hot soapy water. Hope this helps you

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I have a medela as well and love it, sometimes it loses suction if the membranes need to be replaced. or maybe it could be the tubing.

Loretta - posted on 02/03/2010




I'm sorry that you purchased a defective pump. That's really frustrating. I hope that you give the seller a poor review.

Try expressing some breast milk manually and putting it all over your nipples. If there is a large crack fill it with milk. Let the milk air dry. Breast milk has amazing healing properties, and also will dry your nipples. Creams keep the nipples moist, which sounds nice, but that doesn't allow for them to heal.

I had this problem recur for 8 weeks. It ended up that I had thrush on top of mastitis (due to a staph infection I got from a cracked nipple). I needed to do two rounds of Diflucan with Nystatin topically followed by a round of Antibiotics. Call your doctor.

Anneke - posted on 02/03/2010




I am raging there are parts missing from this! the vacume seal and manual parts are not in it according to what the instructions say its suppose to have. Just really raging now. i cant afford anything past £20! the snow bear one was great and it was £20 off ebay I should have got it again.

My nipples are purple, crusty and have blood and all on them. Really dont want to give up breastfeeding after a year but its driving me mental this pain. No creams work. :(

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