Milk Production? What's normal?

Karrie - posted on 01/05/2011 ( 11 moms have responded )




I tried to breast feed my daughter but her latch is horrible I had lactation consultants try to help but she just won't take the whole nipple in her mouth and needless to say that makes my nipples very very sore. So I have switched to pumping I really wish I could just breast feed but I want to make sure she gets breast milk. In all cases she is two weeks old and I am pumping about 3-5 oz every 2-3 hrs I am concerned that my supply is low and it doesn't seem to be increasing and as we are going along, so my concern is that I will not be able to keep up with her when she gets older and hungrier. I have a good supply frozen but I know that if my supply doesn't increase then it will be impossible for me to keep up with her demand. So I am curious what other mothers are producing.


Jennifer - posted on 01/06/2011




i have no read all of the responses yet, so forgive me. i am an exclusively pumping mom and i have to try and encourage you to get her to latch! exclusive pumping is unrealistic for most mothers, it is inconvenient and labor intensive. it is a full time job just trying to keep your supply up. in the beginning its easy because baby sleeps so much but man o man, as they get older, it gets so difficult to find time. please, seek out help from an IBCLC, and your local la leche league.

babies are born to nurse, its us moms that can sometimes get in the way even when we don't realize it.
here is an article i found a couple days ago and I WISH i had something as inspiring as this when i was struggling to get my son to take the boob...

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A few thoughts:
-It's still early to work on her latch. I know you said that you saw LC's but were they IBCLC's? If not, I'd highly recommend seeing one. They have more training than an LC would.
-Baby nursing at the breast is more efficient at removing milk than a pump is.
Here are some resources that can help you with latch:
OK, now to the pumping. Definitely keep pumping to keep supply.
-What kind of pump do you have?
-Pumping *is not* an indicator of supply. Having said that, average output is about 1/2 to 2 oz total.
More info on pumping:

I really really would suggest to keep working on her latch as well as pumping. 2 weeks is still early to continue (one of my twin boys didn't latch at all for 6 weeks).


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my baby was a preemie with severe health problems so i was forced to pump, with low supply in the beginning i started pumping more frequently and within a week was up to 4L a day. i was pumping at least every 2 hours for 20 mins sitting in a lazy boy chair in a heating blanket because the heat helped me let down good luck you can do it my baby didnt receive oral feeding till she was 2 months old and there was no confusion we waited till she was hungry (they must be hungry) and tried till it worked good luck! i know you can do it.

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that a pretty good amount I only get 2 ounces every 2 to 3 hours. I take funegreek that seems to help some. Ihad a hard time getting my baby to latch I just kept taking him off and trying again. gl hun

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If you keep trying with her it's quite possible to get her breastfeeding directly, I'm sure with all the help you have had it seems she couldn't get it now, but as she gets bigger she might be better at latching on if you work with her.
You could buy a nipple shield from target etc and before you feed her a bottle try latching her onto you with the shield, if she takes it even after ten times it would be a start!
She will always be able to hermits milk from you then a pump. So even if it seems impossible to get her latching on, that still would be the easiest choice in the long run.
Some tips for getting her to latch on also include taking a bath together, or just laying in bed together with your both shirts off so she can get her instincts going about breastfeeding.
As for normal production,there isn't really a normal!
Your body makes what you take out,so if she is satisfied with what you are pumping then it makes no difference how many ounces it is.
If she eats two ounces every hour and is happy about it, then that's just fine!
Babies prefer small meals frequently so if you only get a little out at a time, just feed her more often.
More times you pump the more milk you will make, and if you can get her latched on at all it will seriously up your milk!
If she likes a pacifier, you can try pacifying her on your breast instead, this is naturally how babies sooth, so there's nothing wrong with her silting herself on you, in fact it's much healthier then a pacifier, and it will increase your milk.
Every suck she can give you helps!
She is stil very very young, and it's not without hope that she can learn to latch!
If you try to latch heron before every bottle, you might be surprised!

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I have a hospital grade medela lactina pump. Unfortunately I live in a small town with very limited resources. I am still putting her to the breast because I really want to breastfeed her she is my last child and my first one I didn't get a chance to breast feed her. Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement. I have cut my pumping @ night to every 4 hrs and haven't noticed a decrease in my supply.

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Keep it up, it sounds like your doing just fine.

How are you doing during the night? I found when I went a little longer at night (and not wake up twice to pump) that my supply increased a little. Also just make sure you keep drinking water!

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I found that my local Le Leche League leader was super helpful! It takes an average of 6 to 8 weeks for both mom and baby to feel really confident and good at nursing. Also, you produce the most milk first thing in the am, just a FYI.

I hope things work out for you & your little one.

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I agree with Celeste. Keep trying. The tips from kellymom are great. Did they check to see if she was tongue tied? By the way, 3-5 oz is a great amount to pump.

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