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Melissa - posted on 02/20/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




I just found out that my 11 week old daughter has a milk-protein allergy. The Doctor told me that I have to go on a no dairy diet. Any moms out there that had this same problem? If so how did you get around the no dairy?


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Dawn - posted on 02/20/2010




My daughter is now 3 years old and continues to get eczema from any dairy. She still nurses, which has been great for her. We make ghee from butter (plenty of recipes on the web), which is free of any milk proteins. As for milk, well you can go without and the little one has you. ;) You could always make your own almond milk, which isn't too complicated. You can use Nutritional Yeast Flakes in place of parm cheese, sub water or broth into recipes that call for milk, and think how much healthier you both will be for having to avoid all that pesky junk food that is loaded with dairy and sugar. :) It really is not that bad once you get going. There are a lot of good recipes on too, just throw in some meat! :) Good luck!

Sarah - posted on 02/20/2010




My daughter wasn't allergic but it did not cause HORRIBLE gas pains for her the first 5 months. So, I went dairy free. Get an IBS cookbook. IBS is irritable bowl sydrome. People with IBS shouldn't eat dairy so the cookbooks have all dairy free recipes. is a great website for anyone with IBS, but it's also where you can find an awesome cookbook. The recipes are also lowfat since they aren't dairy. Whole Foods has a lot of alternatives.

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My kids were really sensitive the first six months(dairy, wheat, and corn) and I only really cut out things like milk, cream cheese, yogurt, etc. but not things that had milk protein in them because when you heat a protein it denatures it, it just depends on whether or not she has a true allergy or just an intolerance. Stay away from soy like the plague, it has too much estrogen in it and is totally over processed, a bottle of soy formula is the equivalent of about 20 birth control pills. I would check with the La Leche League, I am sure they would have more info for you. I don't vaccinate my kids so I don't know what the schedule is, but vaccines will also cause allergies so I would do my research there to prevent her from developing more allergies. My kids have no problem with organic dairy products but will react to the non-organic(I know it has to do with all the hormones and antibiotics) The other thing I would rules out is a corn allergy, dairy cows are fed a primarily corn silage diet and 85% of the corn in the US is genetically modified(GMO), which my kids also had a problem with, as soon as I cut corn out or switch to organic, non-GMO corn, they were happy little campers. We have been around the block, but it does get easier with time and there is always hoping that she will grow out of it:)

Kierre - posted on 02/20/2010




Yes, I did. I cut out not just 'dairy' but food ites that had milk protien. check labels so many things have milk in them even if you do not view tham as a dairy item...some crackers contain milk. Most labels will have it in bold at the bottom of the ingredients list to make it easier for us.

Lauren - posted on 02/20/2010




I just started a no-dairy diet because my 8 week old son was colicky and I thought he might be sensitive to something in my diet. I've been dairy for about 4 weeks now. Its not so bad once you get the hang of it! I've been drinking soy milk and using rice milk to cook with (it has less of a taste than soy milk). Also, I bought some Earth Balance butter from Trader Joe's. Its not really butter of course. Also, make sure to read the labels of everything. There is a lot that has milk in it!

Lorie - posted on 02/20/2010




I had the samething with my now 18 month old and I ended up having to put him on formula. It was lactose free, it was the closes thing we could get for him that didn't have to much milk produce in it then when he was 8 or 9 months old he went on soya milk.

It was so bad for him that he could have "normal " milk,bread,yogurt and he just had ice cream for the first time the other day.

Good luck and I hope she grows out of it b/c its so hard for everyone.

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