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Brandi - posted on 07/14/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




my baby is 3 months old and i am breast feeding she has had alot of weight issues and my milk supply dropped alot so she now gets formula when i am at work and i nurse when i am home is there a way to increase my supply i tried fenugreek and that did not work for me


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Celeste - posted on 07/15/2012




You made several threads, so I'm going to delete those and use this one, ok?

We need to determine if there's indeed a supply issue.
-How are you judging supply?
-Can I get a weight history, starting with the LOWEST weight?

Lydia - posted on 07/15/2012




nurse as much as possible! also it is normal after 3 months not to feel engorged or full anymore, but that doesn't mean your supply is not good, it just adjusted to your nursing needs. also try not to switch breasts to early during a feed so your daughter gets to the fattier hind milk...

for me drinking a few cups of fennel seed tea helped to increase supply.

also what kind of weight issues does your daughter have? is she just in the lower percentile and gaining slow or is she losing weight? sometimes the doctors are just really making you worry if your baby is not chubby, but actually everything is fine. my daughter was always lean and it was really annoying to always get the comments from the doctors...but she always grew and was thriving, hitting all milestones on the early end.

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