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I had read that your milk starts to level out/adjust to what the baby needs at around 12 weeks. And that was when mother's felt their breasts stop getting quite as "full feeling". Do I still have time to get my supply UP before this happens?

Up until last week I had been on the nipple shield. I finally weened LO off and we've been breast feeding normally, however- I still find he's still very hungry after feedings. So, he'll drink 2-4 oz of formula after nursing. And I take the bottle out frequently and make sure he still actually wants the bottle as opposed to sucking/gulping because he has no other option.

What would be a good way to jump start the supply? He's 11 weeks. I have Mother's Milk tea. Sitting after feedings to pump isn't really doable with him- but what if I pumped the side he's already nursed on while he's eating from the other side? Is that just as effective?

Like nurse the left side switch to right, pump the left while he's eating from the right?

Any other suggestions?



Celeste - posted on 05/28/2013




Honestly, stop the bottles. If he's still hungry, put him back on the breast. When you give bottles, you aren't giving your breasts the stimulation it needs for supply. Supply works on supply and demand, so the more you nurse, the more you will make!

As far as pumping while he's eating on the other side, yes, that will work too.

Here's a link about how milk production works:

Also, take a look at the pinned post about low supply, what it is and what it isn't.

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