Milk supply differs in my breasts

Lisa - posted on 07/15/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




I've been breast feeding for 5 months and from the beginning have noticed a significant difference in the amount of milk each breast gives. One is an overproducer and sometimes my son chokes a little when he first starts drinking b/c it comes out so fast. The other produces only half the amount when pumping and he's started biting when it runs out! No teeth yet - but that's a habit I do NOT want to encourage! Any advise. I know it can be normal to have a different amount produced in each breast - but 4oz out of one and 1-2 out of the other .... is that normal?


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Calandra - posted on 12/14/2015




Yup, it`s normal you should build up milk supply for that you can drink Healthy Nursing Tea by secrets of tea. Organic tea caffeine- free and sugar-free and works quickly.

Katie - posted on 07/15/2009




I've been BF for almost 5 months I had had the same thing. My left breast had like twice the amount of milk as my right. I made sure to offer her my right breast first especially first thing in the morning when she was hungriest and ate more vigorously and it really helped to get it evened out. If he chokes at first, I would recommend having him get the milk to let down and then take him off for a minute and let it slow.

Sarah - posted on 07/15/2009




do you notice if your son prefers that side? I have been breast feeding my second for a little over a year and my left side produces more than my right but that is because he prefers my left so it is always bigger and has more milk production. i never timed sides i always let my baby decide when he was done.

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I'm not sure if that's normal. I had one breast that did have more milk but maybe an ounce more. Do you make sure you switch evenly from side to side? I could be wrong but from what I've heard, long term pumping can mess with your supply. I had to pump in the beginning with my son but was constantly told to stop as soon as he could eat on his own. Of course easy for me b/c I'm a stay at home mom. Mainly give equal time to each breast. I know I had to pay attention it seemed I favored giving the left breast more than the right and had to correct myself. Good luck!

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Sounds totally normal to me. I had this problem really bad with my first. Left produced a lot less than the right. Now with my second (while still nursing my first too) my left is producing more than the right.

So this showed me it is about supply and demand, not the actual breast. Try to nurse/pump more from the lesser one. Nursing is best as it stimulates way more than the pump ever can. Also, maybe pump just a little bit off the one that produces more to let off a little pressure before you nurse from that side to possibly help with choking. But, as you said, way normal.

Nicole - posted on 07/15/2009




I would say its totally normal. my right always has made more but there isnt a size issue looking at them. and my milk use to almost poor out. i have been bf for almost 9 months and the milk has finally ajusted to my daughter and i just make enough to make her happy and im proud to say i dont need breast pads or to wear a bra at night. good luck with everything i hated when my milk woould squirt every where.

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