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Karen - posted on 07/02/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 12 week old is on a routine of eat, play, and sleep. This has been working pretty good for him. These last few days he has been waking up at around 7 am (sleeping 10-3am and 3:30-7am) but does not seem to want to eat. He'll eat for 2 minutes and then frown or scream if I turn his head toward my breast. I have tried to gently move him toward it, to give him time to search for it and he doesn't seem hungry. Also, he seems to get tired right away and I need to put him down for a nap right away.

Is this happening because he's waking up too early and is not ready to start the day?


Janine - posted on 07/02/2012




Sounds like a change in schedule on his part if you say he wants to take a nap straight away. Around 3 months babies start to have a more established wake / sleep cycle and will fall into a pattern of taking naps and bedtime at a more predictable time. So perhaps you just need to tweak the schedule. Depending on your situation you could start to try an earlier bed time or just go with what he wants? Another thought would be to cut back the 3am feed (assuming you are feeding then), depends how hungry he is and he is still only little.

I wouldn't worry about him refusing to nurse. Over the months we've had many phases of DS (now 14 mo) refusing to take milk at various times. Let him be the guide, all you can do is offer.

Good luck!

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