My 10 month old has blowouts almsot everyday!

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She eats solid foods and is still formula fed quite often but sometimes eats solid food.. ever since she was born she's been having diaper blowouts almost everyday!


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Try going up a diaper size. If it's a night issue, try nighttime diapers. By ten months your child's probably a 3?

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My daughter was having blowouts every day too... from about 5 months old until about 8 or 9 months old. I tried every type of diaper I could find including several types of cloth diapers. Fit of the diaper does make a difference... and I found one that works better for her than others (Huggies snug and dry). But she'd still have blowouts fairly often. After she'd been on solid food for a month she started having blowouts less often... but this wasn't a problem with my first daughter.

Just recently I've discovered that my daughter (now 15 months old) has a dairy protein allergy. It's not a severe allergy, but enough that it gives her tummy troubles and congestion. Since cutting dairy out of her diet and mine I've noticed a few changes.... including her poop. It's possible your daughter has some sort of food allergy or sensitivity. Dairy is the most common allergy in babies (this is different than lactose intolerance... it's a protein allergy). It could also be soy, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, citrus, fish, shellfish, or something else too. It doesn't have to be an extreme reaction for it to be an allergy or sensitivity. The best way to find out if it is an allergy is to cut that item out of your and her diet and see if things improve.

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I've tried many diaper brands the only thing i haven't tried yet is cloth diapers

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Try a different brand of diaper, I found certain brands fitted my sons body better than others which leaked all the time.

Also it sounds obvious but try to make sure if your daughter soils her diaper (wee or poo) you change it. I've noticed with my daughter that if her nappy is already partially used she's more likely to leak if she poos.

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