My 10 month-old isn't interested in solid foods...She only wants to breastfeed. Any suggestions?


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Yep, been there and was sooo stressed out about it. Just go with the flow and keep offering different foods. She'll go for it when she is ready.

Emily - posted on 02/18/2011




I am having the same problem! My 10 month old only wants to nurse. We have tried all kinds of fruits and vegetables we made ourselves and bought different kinds of premade and still nothing. We cut things up and put them on his own plate and on our plate and tried to get him to eat off of that but nothing. We tried the puffs and he doesn't want those either. We put food in his mesh feeder and as soon as he gets a taste he throws it :(

Amanda - posted on 01/28/2010




Well, if she has been eating solids, but now seems disinterested, it could just be that she's fighting off some sort of bug. It's not uncommon for kids to eat less during illness, and with babies, they go back to nursing a lot, but drop other food. I think their little bodies know they are getting sick and they nurse more so they can get more antibodies. If she hasn't been interested in starting solids at all it could be that the textures are odd to her. I had a friend whose baby didn't like the pureed foods, so she thought he didn't want to eat, but when she tried real mushy foods on him he ate those (bananas, mashed potatoes, etc). Babies can gum things pretty well even without teeth, just make sure to give small amounts of easily dissolvable foods and watch closely in case of choking. Good luck!

Neerja - posted on 01/22/2013




my 9months 16days old baby wants me to feed him my breast milk,but my breast is not producing any milk, so plz suggest me how i can feed him my own breast milk

Kimberly - posted on 02/18/2011




My heart does go out to you, my daughter is 15 months and is only just getting into eating solids. She had no interrest and flat out refused to be feed by a spoon. I started giving her finger foods whichfor the longest time just ended up on the floor but try to not stress out ( i did alot it doesnt help!) and just keep offering her the foods. My daughter hated anything to do with banana what so ever to suddenly loving it so dont rule out foods just cause she rejects them it can take sometimes 20 times offering before they will have them. I also always offered the food before the bf so that she wasnt really full from milk. good luck and if your get really concerned always go to your ped or health nurse

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Have you tried allowing your little one to self feed? That might spark more of an interest. Just offer frequently, offer a variety, and don't force anything. Keep it light and stress free. You want eating to be a positive experience. Also, as long as your child is still wanting the breast, then I don;t think you should worry. It's likely just a phase and your baby survived on breast milk alone for the first 4-6 months (I assume), so it won't do any harm to revert back to that diet now at still such a young age. Breast milk should remain the primary source of nutrition for the first year anyways.

Kristi - posted on 01/28/2010




My baby is 8 months old and wasn't interested in food until just resently. I started out with the rice cereal and he hated it so I tried the one grain baby oatmeal and he hated that to. I started trying real oatmeal and he was way more interested in that. He sill doesn't like any of the prepackaged baby food so I just try all sorts of easy foods like; real banana, oranges and apples (all fruits go in self feeder nets) cheerios, Gerber graduates puffs and yogurt melts (both of these melt easly but still be careful at first) I put one puff in my babies cheeck so it could disolve better. Just keep on trying easy foods. I also got a bullet for christmas and I make my own baby food with it. You should try creating tiny amounts of food for your baby to try.

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