My 13mo son gets most of his breastmilk at night?

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Is this normal? I don't mean comfort nursing/frequent nightwaking, but long, deep draining of the breast every 2 hours at night.

He has 3 solid meals a day. He probably eats a substantial amount at 1-2 of these. The rest, he just tastes/picks at his food. He rarely has juice, just sips of water with his meals. He's not a picky eater, he's easy to feed.

He does nurse a lot during the day, but they're mostly quick nursings as if for thirst or as if he's too distracted.

I guess I expected him to nurse LESS now that he's older and eating regularly. This isn't about me getting more sleep -- I'm just wondering if this is fairly normal for breastfeeding, co-sleeping toddlers, or if I'm not doing something right like too many solids/not enough solids, wrong kind of solids, or whatever.


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I agree with Celeste. It just sounds like he's reverse cycling because he's busy during the day. Try your best to get him to focus more on nursing during the day. A nursing necklace, nursing in a dark, quiet room and offering frequently may help. When he starts nursing more during the day his need may decrease at night. My first daughter nursed 24/7 for the first 16 months. She barely ate solids until 14 months. I just kept offering them to her and let her decide what she ate. When she was eating 3 meals (really eating them) around 14 months her demand at night did begin to decrease. We still nursed on demand during the day. She was down to nursing 1-2 times at night at 18 months and we night weaned then. She was ready so it just took some gentle encouragment from me. We didn't co-sleep so I was pretty tired for the first year of her life. I'm not making that mistake again and I'm co-sleeping with my second (who at 3 months usually only wakes once to nurse--go figure lol). Trust your gut. If it's working for you then keep at it. I definitely don't think you're doing anything wrong.

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Normal is variable LOL But that sounds typical. My twins at that age nursed a ton, and nursed through the night as well.


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I don't think it would be normal for a toddler to be waking every two hours. I would say give him a starchy snack at bed time and some water or milk and maybe try to soothe him in other ways when he wakes up? I had to teach my daughter not to get up at night at about the same age. Good luck!

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