my 3 month old screams and cries right before she falls asleep for a nap. is this common?

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Sometimes I think its because shes hungry, but she cries harder if i try to nurse her. Then after i rock her for a little bit she falls right asleep.


Tisa - posted on 08/04/2011




My 16 month old still does it before her daytime nap. Bedtime is ok but the daytime one she doesnt want to miss out on anything. She used to do it all the time though when she was younger. I had to hold her really tight so she wouldnt squirm and then she would plonk off to sleep! :)


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Bernadette - posted on 08/08/2011




My son does the same thing - I think this happens when he is over-tired. He is hungry, but too tired to feed and screams when I try. Then after only a couple of minutes of rocking he will be out like a light. He usually wakes up about 20 minutes later ready for that feed, and feeds furiously!

Danielle - posted on 08/06/2011




I have the same issue with my DD, who is a few weeks away from 3m. I've been finding that between breasts she wants to just lie in my arms sucking on her pacifier. After she has totally finished, she does start crying sometimes. I found that If I put the pacifier back in, turn her towards me (as if to BF her) and hold her tight, that seems to make her happy. This is my second, but my DS was such an easy baby, so I'm figuring this out as I go too! Hope you can figure it out! Don't stress out- that will just stress her out too! :)

Micca - posted on 08/05/2011




My youngest daughter always cried before she fell asleep. It didn't matter what the circumstances were, when she was about to conk out she would cry for a couple minutes, not long at all and then go out. It's normal =)

Lori - posted on 08/04/2011




I wouldn't say it's common, but my older daughter did that too. If she didn't fall asleep nursing, she'd cry before "giving in" and taking a nap. Wouldn't matter if I was holding her, rocking her, offering to nurse her, etc. Now that she's 3 years old, she still protests going to sleep. There's just too much else that's interesting going on. Now my younger daughter now 8 months old very rarely cries just before falling asleep unless she's teething or has some congestion.

Is it just nap time? Or bedtime too? If it's only at nap time maybe nap time needs to be adjusted - earlier or later.

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