my 4 week old suddenly seems to have forgotten how to latch on

Lisa - posted on 09/11/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




He is normally such a good eater and apart from the first few days when he was still trying to figure things out, he usually manages to latch on within a few seconds. Last week the number of feeds he was taking dropped and I ended up with mastitis in my left breast, but he was still managing to attach to feed right up until about 4 this morning. It took me more than ten minutes of trying to ltch to my left before i gave in and tried the right, even then it still took him a few minutes t get on and I had to express from my left so that the mastitis doesnt come back. Then again when we got up this morning, poor toot was screaming that hewas hungry and i tried for almost 20 minutes to get him on ( both sides) before I remembered that I had a bottle of EBM in the fridge but only 2oz. Can anyone help me?


Bekah - posted on 09/11/2012




I am sorry you and lo are going through this.

Have you tried different positions?

Also something my pediatrician recommended when I was having a ton of nipple pain was to use a nipple off of a bottle like a nipple shield.

Are there any lactation consultants or WIC offices in the area? They may be able to help you since they can physically help you and can see how baby is attempting to latch. A phone call to the pediatrician may be in order as well since there are medical reasons baby may not be latching.

Good luck and keep at it mama!

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