My 4mnth old is not gaining weight the way she should!

Holly - posted on 10/23/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




I just took my daughter to her 4mnth appt and she has only gained a couple oz since her 2mnth appt. The Dr is not to concerned about her weight since she looks healthy is happy and active but she had me start her on Rice and wants me to give her at least 4oz of formula a day to start packing on some weight. She normally eats every hour to hour n half and Will not take a bottle to save my life. I need some help any input on weight gain or even taking a bottle will be helpful up to this point she has only ever had breast milk and I really wanted to keep it that way!!!


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Breast milk has more calories than almost any solid food you can give her and starting solids now could impact your supply. Supplementing will also decrease your supply. I would contact a La Leche League leader or a lactation consultant. They can make sure your daughter has a good latch and is transferring milk properly. How many wet/dirty diapers does she have in a day? When she nurses does she take both breasts? Make sure that she's thoroughly emptying the first breast before you switch sides to make sure that she's getting plenty of the fatty hindmilk. You can find a local group at the top. If there isn't one near you you can still call a leader of the closest group. They're very helpful!

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She doesn't need formula just because she isn't gaining a lot of weight. That's ridiculous. My daughter has been fully breastfed since she was born and at 2 months, I started her on sweet potatoes because rice cereal isn't as healthy and studies are showing that it's actually harder to digest as a first food and can cause some problems. My daughter was 17 pounds and 24 1/4 inches the day she turned 3 months and then at 4 months she was 16.15 and 25 1/2 inches then at 5 months she was 16.7 (height stayed the same) and then at almost 7 months she was 18.5 and 26 3/4 inches!! At 11 months now, she's only gained less than 3 pounds since then but she will probably go through a big growth spurt again soon.
At first they were telling me that she's not gaining weight and it's not really a concern and then they told me that she's losing weight and she shouldn't be losing weight for any reason and that she probably has something seriously wrong like cancer. Well that really freaked me out and also made me really wonder if I was feeding her enough even though she was perfectly happy and had lots of dirty diapers. I got really depressed and thought I was doing something really wrong. They said the same thing every month until she was almost 7 months old and then they said "it's impossible that she's grown that much in one month!" and then she didn't gain any weight the next month and they said "oh I guess there's nothing wrong with her, it's just her growth pattern.". I was SO mad. I was doing everything right all along and she was doing just fine, she just had a different growth pattern than other kids.

You might find out the same thing with your little one so don't make any decisions that you don't feel comfortable with just because she grows a little differently than some other babies! I went through so much stress and worrying for MONTHS for absolutely no reason! Don't put yourself or your baby through that lol


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Jessica - posted on 07/02/2014




We just had our 4 month checkup with a similar situation. Since the first ultrasound we were told she was going to be a small a baby - she ended up being born at 7lbs 5oz which I thought was reasonably normal. She now weighs 10lbs 10oz and is thriving cognitively, has always been very physically active, always been a good eater (exclusively breast fed) and sleeper.
The pediatritian came in, gave the baby a cursory glance and immediately went to the charts on her computer screen. She was concerned about the weight and right away asked if we would do some labs. This seemed a little extreme considering we were already there to get vaccines so I asked what they were - something to check iron and thyroid. She then launched into something about starting rice cereal and when I replied that we wouldn't ever be feeding her rice cereal she looked at me like I was crazy. Suffice to say that I just stood there and blankly nodded at whatever else she said and decided to keep doing our own thing.
I have a small, well-fed, active baby. I'm not going to try shoving food down her throat when she can't even sit up unassisted, or be bottle feeding her (lowering my supply) when I could be giving her what has the perfect amount of calories and nutrients she needs whenever she needs it.
Do your research, but most importantly, trust your instincts.

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Everyone has had some really great ideas. I only wanted to add that also you want to remember that you should be taking in lots of fluids (water) during nursing. I am not a big water drinker, however, I pump at work and definitely notice a difference in the amount that is produced when I don't consume enough water. If you don't pump then you may not notice this, but water intake makes a large on how much milk you produce for baby:)

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I would recommend breastfeeding more and not doing formula or rice cereal. Rice cereal and formula may not even guarantee weight gain. Breastmilk has more calories than rice cereal. My daughter didn't gain much weight around your daughter's age and I thought by giving her formula and solids, she'd gain weight. It didn't make ONE lick of difference.

Breastmilk has more calories than rice cereal,. Plus, you want to look at the whole picture and not just weight gain. From your last post, she's getting plenty of diapers. Meeting milestones? Overall healthy? If so, I wouldn't do any supplement.

Couple of links for you to look at:
Calories of different foods:

Look at the baby, not the scale:

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She feeds on both breast at each feeding and each feeding last about 1/2hr or more and within an hour of a feeding she is feeding again. I am only giving her the rice ceral in the morning after I had feed already for the 1/2hr. She will not take formula so I am not worried about that she just wontd take a bottle. She has at least 1BM a day and about 6wet a day. At 4mnth old she only weighs 11lbs 2oz and is 23.5inch long on Sept 17 she weighed 10lb 5oz and b4 that she was gaining weight like crazy.. Thank you all for your help!!

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I used the breastflow bottle from Target like Heidi. I started giving my daughter a bottle of expressed milk when she was 4 1/2 weeks old. She's 6 1/2 months now and she'll finally always take a bottle from me. For the longest time she wouldn't take a bottle from me. They use suction and compression just like nursing. Her mouth looks the same as when she's nursing while using that bottle. She hardly ever gets a bottle anymore since she's on solids. I can bring a sippy cup of water and some finger foods to keep her distracted until we get home where I can nurse her or give her solids. They say to not try giving them a bottle when they're too hungry because it can frustrate them. Also, I had my husband give her the first bottle because she was a lot more willing to take it from him than from me. Hopefully, she'll take a bottle for you soon.

Holly - posted on 10/23/2010




I have tired every bottle the only one she will kinda take is the Nuke and she has to be really hungry for that!

Heidi - posted on 10/23/2010




the have breast feeding bottle. i found them at target. there another thing that might work but i cant remember.

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