My 5 week old girl has had greenish stool on and off and I'm brestfeeding????

Amanda - posted on 01/15/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




The nurses told me it should be seedy yellow and I eat very healthy... no caffine , a well balanced diet. She has been stuffed up on and off as well, but the Dr. said her lungs sound fine and she's gaining weight wonderfully. This is my first child and I've just been worrying a little. Is it normal for her to have green stool ???? or could it be anindication of illness or intestinal upset?


Christy - posted on 01/15/2010




I was having the same problem and I stopped switching breast at one feeding. I just let her nurse on one breast one time and the next feeding I'd switch to the next breast. If I got too full, I would just pump the other breast. I believe mine was also a foremilk/hindmilk problem. She's 6 months now and there is no problem.

Naomi - posted on 01/15/2010




my sons stools when he was younger were all sorts of colours at various times, most of the time yellow, but sometimes they looked green to me. I read all sorts of books trying to find out what dhiarreah in a bfed baby looks like cus their stools are normally pretty watery! I knew it wasn't the imbalance thing cus that comes with an abundance of milk and we had milk supply issues. Now that he's older (7 months) and changed lots more diapers I know there really isn't anything to worry about when the stool is a strange colour... try to imbalance thing, for sure, or if it's VERY watery and VERY green it could be dhiarreah, but I read in many sources that babies stools change colour. it's not a big deal. even green stools once in a while are not a big deal! you are breastfeeding and that's the best thing you could be doing, if there was a problem, the best way to fix it.. keep breastfeeding! (in the breastfeeding book of answers by dr. jack newman ? is where I found that green stools are not an issue, he says he's seen that in a lot of babies, on occasion and it wasn't a worry... as long as it's not consistent i guess)
Also, is it cold where you are? I took my son to the doctor for congestion that started in the fall as it got cool, she said there is no infection, it's just that our bodies make more mucus in response to dry cold air, put a humidifier on and dont' worry. It sounds worse in babies cus they have such little noses, if you need to use saline drops, but if there is no other symptom, and it's not actively runny or turning green, it's probably not sickness. hope this helps!


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Danielle - posted on 01/16/2010




thats normal, my daughter had green stools for a while but it passed, babies pass all sorts of wonderful and not so wonderful colours and it is usually fine. i wouldn't worry about it, just keep enjoying feeding your daughter

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It might be a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. Is it green and frothy? Does your baby seem to be gassy? It's easy to fix if that's what it is. Make sure that you don't set a time limit on nursing. Let your baby nurse on one breast until the breast is completely empty before switching sides. It should feel squishy and when you squeeze milk shouldn't come out anymore. This will ensure that your baby will get more of the fatty hindmilk and it will make her poos go back to the seedy yellow color. Here's some info explaining foremilk and hindmilk better.

Katie - posted on 01/15/2010




I totally know what you mean! My little boy is ten weeks and he started having some small green stool on and off too and it did coincide with his congestion so I'm wondering if that could be it too! I also read some info that too much foremilk can cause green stools... I'm curious with you. I told the doctor but she wasn't concerned at all but didn't give me a real reason.

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