My 7 month old no longer sleeps thru the night

Greta - posted on 01/16/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am practicing attachment parenting, so my 7 mo old sleeps in bed with me. Until he was 6 mo old, he slept in a sleep positioner and would sleep 8-9 hrs straight. . He also almost NEVER cried. Well, he outgrew the positioner (would roll out of it) and I am lucky if he sleeps 3 hrs straight. He cries upon each waking and will only settle if nursed. I am totally exhausted. Is this a phase? or is this the way things are going to be from now on? He cries a lot now, which makes me feel like a failing mom. We use hylands teething tablets, but I don't think it is always due to teething. HELP!


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He is probably growing and/or teething. The extra nursing increases your milk supply to meet those demands and soothe his aching gums. I nurse my nine month old nightly as well. She used to sleep through the night too for three months solid (3-6 months old). Since then, I have had many, many nights of interrupted sleep. I nurse, we fall asleep; she awakens, we flip over and start again a couple of hours later. I never burp her during the night unless I hear the hard swallowing that so comes when there is a bubble And then, I just prop her up next to me and wait for the impending bubble to arise, then lay her back down again.

Mention it at his next check-up, but chances are you'll find that the kid has gained weight and a tooth on the grow.

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You are a good mom!  Never feel like you're failing!  Whenever something like this happens, just tell yourself "this too shall pass."  Yes, it's just a phase.  Granted, some phases last longer than others, but believe me, the baby phase itself will pass really quickly.  Just because a baby slept through the night before does not mean he will sleep through the night forever!  When a baby is going through major milestones (learning to walk or crawl) their sleeping often gets disrupted.  My guess is your son is just getting used to not sleeping in the sleep positioner (what is that?)  Perhaps try swaddling your son to sleep--he probably misses the cozy feeling he got with the positioner.  We swaddled my 2nd son until he was 9 months--some kids just need that extra closeness it provides.  It might help make the transition easier for your son.  I know it's exhausting, but it is totally normal for a 7 mo old to wake up every 3 hrs.  I recommend co-sleeping, so that you can get some sleep!  In addition, I wouldn't use the teething tablets very often.  They should be used only when you're certain the child is in pain due to teething (which doesn't happen constantly, only when a tooth is poking through.)  Some children get their teeth with no problems or pain whatsoever.  Both of my older boys got their teeth one at a time, so they didn't need any kind of pain relievers.  Most important, remember that you're doing a great job as a mom because you love your son and want the best for him.  This waking up won't last forever!

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