My 8 month old is throwing up... often, almost daily after he eats!

Angelina - posted on 06/08/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have an 8 month old, exclusively breastfed and we started solids around 6 months. He loved eating cereal and most other foods and will eat a couple of jars of baby food at a sitting. He has thrown up a few times after eating, at first I thought it was just because he choked on some food but now it seems to be getting more often, especially after breakfast but other meals too. Is he just eating too much? How much baby food should he eat, he is still nursing 4-5 times a day and sleeps through the night. Does this sound serious? I mentioned it to his doctor last month but she didn't seem concerned, but it seems to be happening more often now and with no gagging. Anyone encountered this?


Gena - posted on 06/08/2010




i've heard of things like that, from which i gathered that it was just eating too much. my son went through a very brief period of throwing up after eating as well, and i just tried to slow down the time between bites, possibly burp him a little in the middle, and feed him less solid food in one sitting, and gave him more snack size meals more often throughout the day. i definitely remember times that he would scarf down a meal, and then throw it up, and i associated those with him just taking it in too fast. hope this helps! i would say it doesn't sound like a serious problem, but always trust your instincts!

Kyla - posted on 06/10/2010




This happened with my son after we started feeding him foods and after months of the Dr not being concerned we found out from a GI specialist that he had food allergies.

Hannah - posted on 06/10/2010




Like Kyla said, could be an allergy. My baby seemed to be sick quite often, and also had bad eczema, we are waiting for a dietician appointment to confirm if she has a dairy allergy.

We cut most dairy out (although not 100% strict) and she hasn't been sick since.

Ask your GP for a referral, or cutting out dairy and keeping a food diary can also be useful to spot what's going on.


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Megan - posted on 06/10/2010




could be too much food. could be alergies. do you pick him up as soon as he's finished? My cousin had a similar issue but she started letting her lo sit in the highchair for a few after he was done eating. that did the trick. whatever it is i hope it's not too serious and you figure it out soon.

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