my baby girl is 3 1/2 months old and will not take a bottle. Any good ideas. I just feel like I will never be able to leave her anywhere withought returning in a few hours to feed her.


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Elizabeth - posted on 02/07/2009




My baby rarely drank out of bottles too. Very frustrating. My husband says around 4 months he had some success with a sippy cup and a regular glass. Also, you can try bouncing him in a bouncer or sitting on a yoga ball with him and bouncing while feeding. And if your caregiver feels comfortable doing it, try laying baby's head on exposed skin, close to caregiver. I have heard of that working too.

I was really stressed out leaving my son up until recently though. He is a year now and can eat other things until i get home if he refuses to drink the milk. So I can empathize. It's hard.

Taryn - posted on 02/07/2009




I'm going through the same thing and my son is 5 1/2 mo. The funny thing is for the first month I couldn't get him to latch on and he only took pumped bottles. After I got help from a lactation consultant he started nursing and ever since refuses bottles! I've tried Breastflow, playtex nursers, born free. Just wanted you to know you're not alone...I've seen in baby magazines a bottle called nuby thats supposed to be like the breast...I haven't tried that yet.

Emily - posted on 02/07/2009




My son refused bottles for quite a while too.  We experimented with different ones and have had success with the Playtex nurser drop-ins.  Also, my husband and mother (the ones attempting to feed him) found that having him sit on thier laps facing out or having him sit in a bouncy seat worked better than having him in a nursing-type position.  Now he is an absolute expert and gets excited when he sees the bottle.  And he only gets a few a week at most, so it's not like he gets a ton of practice.  Hang in there- I once felt like I would never be able to leave him too, but now it's no problem if I have to go somewhere!

Krystal - posted on 02/06/2009




i agree that breast fed babies are easier to travel with. I had no problems with nursing in public so that helped. And my daughter never took to a bottle either. She started on a straw cup (one of the flexible kid ones) around 7 months.

If you're really looking into getting her on a bottle i too suggest to try try try all the different types of bottles/nipples. I used the breast flow ones with my son and he liked them. I had to "trick" my son into using a bottle. Even though it was pumped milk he wanted nothing to do with them. I would nurse him and after a few minutes i would wait for him to stop sucking and swallow and then break the latch (use your pinky - don't just pull her off! ouch!). then i would put the bottle in his mouth. in the beginning he would only take 2 sucks and then cry for the breast again. Don't take her out of the nursing position though. i kept trying and after a while he would take a bottle fine. I know for most babies it works to not have mommy give the bottle but for me my son had to get used to me giving it to him first before he would even look at his daddy with a bottle in his hand.

Good luck!

Emily - posted on 02/06/2009




My second and third children never had bottles. They each got a sippy cup around 9-10 months... but before that, I just took them everywhere with me, or didn't leave them very long. Even now, my third is 13 months and it's usually just easier to take her with me... it still seems like a break because I don't have the older two with me.

Breastfed babies just travel so well... I usually just stick a diaper or two in my purse and don't even carry a diaper bag.

Jennifer - posted on 02/06/2009




I agree with all the responses. I am nursing my second child who is 3 months and getting ready to go back to work. My daughter (first born) liked the breastflow (available at BRU or at Target, 3 pack of 9 oz bottles for about $12.) and they now have a BPA version too. My support group here also recommended some one else feed her and put her in a non breastfeeding position ( ex: hold her out in front of you so you are facing each other or put her in a bouncy seat.) My son has only had one bottle, but he liked the medela bottles, but I am also going to try the breastflow with him. There is also another brand we used with my daughter called second nature. I found them online. Good luck.

Desiree - posted on 02/06/2009




Try the First Years Breastflow nipples (Babies R Us sells them). They are designed to imitate the breast. The biggest thing they say is to have someone else bottle-feed because she is so use to you doing the breastfeeding, or put her in a position that is not mimicking a breastfeeding postion

Christine - posted on 02/06/2009




What bottles have you tried?  Have you experimented with different types of nipples and flows?  For awhile we used Dr. Browns bottles, and the platex nursers with the drop-ins.  My little guy really seemed to like the nipple on the nurser, it was alot closer than the Dr. Brown's to the real thing.  I've also heard alot about the adiri natural nursers too.  Here is a link:  Have you tried dropping some breastmilk into her mouth while having the bottle in there to initiate a suck?  I don't know if this would work, or hinder the process, but when my little one wouldn't latch intiatially we used a little bit of sugar water on the nipple shield and that did the trick.  Maybe just a tad on the nipple? 

Just be patient and keep on experimenting.  I know it can be frustrating and sometimes can make you feel isolated, keep in mind that you are doing the very best for your baby!!! 

Jodie - posted on 02/06/2009




hey my friend had this prob here are some things to try do you feed her the bottle if so get someone else to or try sitting her in a baby bouncer otherwise she will smell and want you try a doidy cup these are good but can only be used after 4months they also do a bottle in america you can find it on the internet i cant remember what it is called but it looks just like a nipple and they use the same action too good luck xxxxx

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