My baby has never slept good and now he is almost 6 months

Stephanie - posted on 05/31/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




He sleeps about 10 hours a day thats counting naps witch the naps or about 3 or 4 of them hours.Then at night he sleeps about 6 hours waking up every 2 just so tired and dont know what to do anyone have any sugestions??


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Heather - posted on 06/01/2011




Every child is different and some need more sleep then others. Some things i would suggest are:
#1 get as much late day sunshine and outdoor time as possible to release melatonin in his brain.
#2 make sure that part of your bedtime routine is a nice long (20 mins or so) massage that is firm but gentle that also releases melatonin)
#3 When he wakes at night keep all the lights off and stay quiet and relaxed to try to get him back to sleep (nursing back to sleep is perfect).
#4 try your best to nap or rest when he naps during the day if you can.
#5 make sure you keep your nutrtion as high as possible to help your body recover from less sleep easier.
#6 ask for help. See if your friends or family will give you a break now and then when you need it so you can recover and rest and relax.
Good luck and remember this is temporary and it will get better :o)

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It's the continual disturbed sleep that gets to be so tiring, isn't it Stephanie? !6 hours a day is actually pretty good for a 6 month old. I do wish books and magazines would stop spreading that fiction that babies sleep all the time!

My first baby, in particular, was a horrible sleeper.During the day she rarely slept for more than an hour at a time, and woke frequently during the night.I let the housework go completely, on the grounds that my health was more important! I asked friends to bring me casseroles. Then I went to bed and stayed there all day with my baby! I ended up with a terrific breast milk supply!

Luckily my second daughter was a better sleeper, but the first was still wakeful both day and night! And my third daughter was somewhere in between. So it became very challenging with all three of them, so I can almost feel your tiredness!

My suggestion would be to skip the housework (it's not going to run away!) and sleep whenever you can. take the baby to bed. Doze in front of TV when you've got a toddler watching kids' shows. (Yeah, I know too much TV isn't good for them, but sometimes you have to let go of tour ideals!)

So basically, just grab some sleep when you can. Rope in the neighbours, your family, your husband. If he's not willing to help, tell him he'll have to get his own dinner!

All the best!

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